Vacuum Packing Rolls - 20cm x 6m - pack of 2 - Ezivac

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Rolls Customise to Any Size

• The perfect choice for bagging up all of your home vegetable garden produce after dehydrating!

• Convenient and versatile size.

• Features striped and multi-layer material.
All bag material is the thickest and strongest available in the marketplace, being thick enough to withstand puncture by bones and other sharp objects that you may wish to seal inside. Also they are multi-layered, with food-grade PE on the inside (the same material used for Glad Wrap), and Nylon on the outside for strength.

• Durable and washable!

• Food Grade

• Quality Made in Italy

For use with
Vacuum Packing System

Eziac Vacuum Packing Bags & Rolls can be
• Frozen
• Refrigerated
• Defrosted in the microwave
• Boiled in water for up to 1 hour at 100°

Important: It cannot be stressed enough that, although vacuum sealing maintains freshness and increases the life of the product by 3 to 5 times, it is not a substitute for heat canning and refrigeration.

Why vacuum packaging?
• Retain the freshness & flavour for up to 5 times longer! And in doing so, reduce the amount of food & money you waste!
• Package your food in handy portions & save preparation time! You'll also save yourself space in the refrigerator!
• Buy in bulk & save time & money! Take advantage of bulk specials without the worry of spoilage, and in turn spend less time at the supermarket!
• Extend the life of your frozen meat, fish & vegetables without the risk of freezer burn.
• Increase the shelf life of your pantry items! Coffee, rice, flour & nuts last much longer if they are vacuum packed.
• Marinate in minutes! Food marinated & vacuum packed will be as tasty after 20 minutes as if left overnight.

Vacuum packaging is not a substitute for canning, refrigeration or dehydration.
Vacuum packaged food will taste fresher and last longer than food stored in conventional containers. But because the food is not devoid of moisture or potentially lurking pathogens, it is important to remember that vacuum packaging is not an alternative to refrigeration. Of course you don't need to refrigerate vacuum packaged cereal. But you do have to refrigerate meat, dairy and other similar products.

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