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Taking on a new hobby, especially one where you get to enjoy the fruits of your labour in a glass, can be very satisfying. Starting with our home brewing supplies, such as our ginger beer kit, is the perfect idea before moving to other alcoholic beverages. Our kit has everything you need, except the bottles, and all you need is about an hour, and your beer will be ready in about three weeks.

What Our Home Brewing Kit Entails

Since brewing can be a complicated process the first time you attempt it, we feel you’d benefit most if we share some tips for when you start your first batch. Here’s what our home beer brewing kit includes and some tips on how to use it safely at home:

  • Ingredients. We have included the essential ingredients you’ll need in our kit; you will need fresh lemon juice, brown sugar, white sugar for carbonation and warm water. The other vital ingredients that you will find in the kit are ginger beer yeast and dried ginger to give your ginger beer the potent flavour and a bit of a kick.
  • The setup. To make the process easy and efficient, measure out your ingredients according to the recipe provided. Make sure you choose the alcoholic or non-alcoholic recipe, so you don’t get a surprise. Have your muslin cloth, measured ingredients, a measuring jug and the big fermenting jar from the kit ready. You also need to purchase some glass bottles with sealing hinges to store your finished product in the fridge.
  • The process. Once you are ready and have all you need, grab your measuring jug and get started. First, dissolve the brown sugar in the warm water, and give it a good stir. Add the ginger and then the lemon juice. Stir it very well until everything’s dissolved and you have a rich tea-like reddish colour. Next, you want to pour the mixture into your 5l glass jar. Add the remaining warm water according to your recipe, and then finally, you will add the yeast. Fasten the lid securely and give it a good twirl, so the yeast mixes with the rest of the liquid.
  • The method of brewing. Now you have your brew, it's time to decide whether to make it alcoholic or non-alcoholic. For non-alcoholic ginger beer, skip ahead to the next point. For alcoholic ginger beer, this next step is vital in monitoring your brewing process. Remove the lid, half fill the airlock with water and fit it on the top of the jar mouth. You will now leave the jar undisturbed in an area with about a 20 degrees Celsius temperature for one week.
  • The result. Now you’ll be ready to bottle your beverage. Make sure that you sterilise your glass bottles; we recommend 750ml flip-top bottles. Add a scoop of white sugar to each bottle according to your recipe. Fill the bottles with the beer, leaving a 2cm space at the top. Seal and ferment for a further two weeks at 20 degrees. After this time, you can move your bottles to the fridge and enjoy sipping on your homebrewed goodness.

What You Need to Know About Cheesemaking Kits at Home

We love the Mad Millie kits, and besides the fermentation kits, we also stock their cheesemaking supplies. You can buy these kits from us, and here is what you can expect to find in our store:

  • Italian kit. To make the best, freshest Italian cheeses, Mad Millie has given you the ingredients to make mozzarella, ricotta, bocconcini, ricotta salata or mascarpone.
  • The vegan kit. To make your own vegan cheese has never been more accessible and at a fraction of the price you will pay in-store. The ingredients are all gluten and dairy-free, and no artificial preservatives have been added.
  • Specialty kit. Once you feel ready to take the next step in cheesemaking, we have the specialty cheesemaking kit. You can make your own blue and white mould cheese such as Gorgonzola, blue vein, camembert, French Neufchatel, Stilton-style and double cream Brie cheese.

Home Brewing Made Simple by Nature’s Wonderland

We bring you brewing and cheesemaking kits that are easy to use and deliver excellent results. We also stock the supplies you need to restock your kit for the next session, yoghurt starter cultures, and even still spirits flavourings.

Contact us if you need more information on our home brewing kits.

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