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Back to Nature

We have put together an awesome Collection of items for Babies and Youngsters that will shift life back to the natural and pure environment that everyone's precious bundles of joy deserve - offering them what they need to thrive healthily. Utilising only organic and eco friendly fabrics and materials, our products remain free of harmful plastics and chemicals. These products will easily inspire mothers, and their friends and relatives, to want nothing but the best in which to nourish and protect their babies, toddlers and youngsters.

With all materials and designs in our portfolio being as natural and eco-friendly as possible, Bush Babies Collections are pure and sustainable for both baby and the environment. Health and wellness starts even before baby comes into this world, and our products allow ease of mind in knowing that only the best has been sourced and used for your precious one.

Securing the Future With Our Eco-Friendly Baby Toys

Are you concerned about how toxic toys are to your child? Perhaps, instead, you’re worried about the effect of mass-produced materials and manufacturing processes on the environment? We offer eco-friendly baby toys for the mum and dad who want to be part of slowing down the destruction of the earth’s resources and ensuring that the future generation enjoys the beauty of the natural world.

Sustainable Baby Learning Toys

Besides providing eco-friendly children’s toys, we offer attentive and informative customer service based on your needs and the advice you seek. Our collection of toys has been selected to support every phase of your child’s growth. Below are some of the milestones you should consider as your baby transitions from infant to toddler:

  • Cognitive. During your child’s first year of life, they can use their reflexes such as reaching and grasping and, at three months, will interact with objects. By eight months, they can plan and coordinate their movements and understand cause and effect, so they will drop something on purpose if it means someone nearby will pick it up.
  • Language. Linguistically they start with cooing sounds and can babble. By three months, they can utter open vowels and will string syllables together like baba or mama by six months. Children learn through trial and error between the ages of one and two and know something exists even if they can’t see it, for example, during games such as peek-a-boo. They can also visually discriminate objects to match and sort them. Linguistically they imitate sound and understand simple commands.

  • Pictures. By ages three to four, your toddler can understand that pictures represent real objects (photos in an album, for example). They also start recognising letters and numbers.
  • Sensory skills. During your child’s first year of life, they can open their hands and follow objects with their eyes, followed by the ability to reach out and touch. They will turn their head in the direction of sounds and bring their hands to their mouth.
  • Gross motor skills. By age one to two, they can wave, build blocks, and put rings on a stacker because they can isolate their index finger. They will be crawling by this stage and can walk around holding furniture. Your child can brush their teeth and dress themselves at age three to four. You can further encourage their fine skills through cutting and pasting exercises.
  • Social and emotional. During your baby’s first year, they will intently watch faces and learn to pick up what people are feeling and respond to these emotions. From age one to two, they can imitate those around them and may cry when someone familiar leaves them. In their second year, they can recall the names of familiar people, and at ages three to four develop a sense of what they like and dislike. Between ages four to five, they can take turns with other children, will make friends, and begin to show affection.

Closer to Nature With Our Educational Toys from Australia

Having looked at the developmental strides your baby will make in their formative years, let’s consider how Nature’s Wonderland provides education toys to enrich your child’s growth.

  • First year of life. We offer plush sensory toys for a baby’s cognitive and motor skill development. The walkers in our range will enhance their gross motor skills, while the ABC blocks and alphabet snake will help them make linguistic progress. We also have a range of puzzles, such as the 3D frog puzzles, that will further promote hand and eye coordination.
  • Two to Three. Parents and caregivers need to nurture children’s writing and drawing skills during this time, where you can help your child expand their vocabulary by reading to them. You can develop their fine motor skills by asking your child to turn the page during story time. Playing with dolls will encourage their social skills, while pretend play with our cotton tent, trucks, or tea sets will keep their imagination engaged.
  • Four to Five. We stock a range of Ethicool books, including "April's Window" by Georgina Le Flufy that provides further opportunity to enhance children’s linguistic skills as you ask them to complete a sentence while reading them a familiar story. Our collection of sustainable baby toys, such as the balance bikes, has no training wheels so that your child can build the strength and coordination needed to transition to a regular bike. Besides promoting good posture, these bikes also offer a chalkboard finish so your toddler can get creative as they decorate their ride.

Going Green With Our Environmentally Friendly Educational Baby Toys

These are some of the ways that our dedicated service adds value to our clients:

  • Free from harmful plastics and chemicals. We value sustainable living and commit to providing safe products for the earth and humans. Further benefits of the balance bike, for example, are made from sustainable wood from fast-growing birch trees. It also has EVA airless biodegradable tyres.
  • Wide range. Our collection includes books from Ethicool Kid’s such as “World Under Wings,” by Tom Gregory or “Ella and the Exploding Fish” by Teigan Margetts. We also stock “The Picnic Pals” collection from Apple Park and books 1 to 3 of “My First Dreamtime” by Naiura.
  • Safe play: For pretend playtime, we offer jewellery boxes, prams, and cradles, and to stimulate your child’s musical ability, we have wooden baby toys such as recorder and xylophone. These instruments come in packaging made from 90% recycled materials and printed using soy ink. Our product offering includes baby toys such as silicone activity buckets and garden tools made from responsible manufacturing materials and processes for a little outdoor fun.
  • Affordable. Keep an eye out for specials and discounts. You also have the option of signing up for our newsletter to get 5% off your first purchase and watch out for free delivery for eligible orders over $100.

Why Nature's Wonderland

We’re a family-owned and operated business passionate about people and the planet. So, contact us for eco-friendly toys that support your child’s growth.

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