Discover Our Water Ioniser and Other Top-Notch Health and Wellness Products

Consider purchasing a world-class water ioniser for in-home use if the health benefits provided by the higher pH value of alkaline water appeals to you. Our appliances separate the inbound water stream into acidic and oxidised elements or alkaline and ionised components.

How Does Hydrogen Water Keep Your Family Healthy?

The ionisation process changes the structure of water on a molecular level. Negatively charged hydrogen drinking water has anti-allergy, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties and penetrates most of the cells in your body and brain to provide improved hydration.

  • Ionised hydrogen-infused drinking water slows down the ageing process, improves gastrointestinal and bone health, and decreases the risk of heart disease and cancer. Alkaline water contains properties that support memory and brain function, may help you sleep better, heighten energy levels to enhance athletic performance, and alleviate muscle fatigue.
  • Hydrogen water fights free radicals to protect against illness, inhibits oxidative stress, and may help you control your weight.
  • You can select the setting on your water ioniser to create purified, alkaline, or acidic water. You should not drink the acidic water containing positively charged ions, but it will not go to waste as you can use it in the laundry or to treat minor wounds and wash your hair and skin.

We gladly share in-depth knowledge of our appliances and how they can benefit you via email or telephone before and after buying a product.

What You Can Do With Our Oscar Neo and Angel Cold Press Juicers

Use the multi-function Oscar Neo food processor and slow juicer to extract the liquid from hard, fibrous vegetables, wheatgrass, soft fruits, tough, leafy greens, and medicinal herbs. Make pure vegetable and fruit juices to detoxify and nourish your body.

  • The popular, well-known appliance extracts juice horizontally and effortlessly handles foodstuffs that tend to block up other juicers. You will appreciate the different attachments and nozzles that convert it into a processor and even allow you to make pasta.
  • Emulsify and puree to create sauces and pastes, make healthy, tasty frozen fruit sorbets, ice cream, nut butter, and crush and combine macadamias, cashews and almonds with seeds and fruits to make flavourful, healthy snacks. Create organic palliative care and baby foods with whichever ingredients you prefer.
  • Our 100 percent stainless steel Angel cold press juicer is another top-performing product. It retains all the live elements your body needs within the juice - including the enzymes, minerals and vitamins required for maximum nutrition - processes foods in just one step and makes more juice than other liquidisers.

Many view the Angel as the most advanced living juice extractor available as it generates practically no heat - which reduces oxidation - and produces rich, dark, sweet drinks.

Why Browse the Nature’s Wonderland Product Range?

We offer an extensive range of products plus the fittings you require to keep them going. These include vacuum packing machine options and accessories such as canisters, rolls, and bags that protect your food against freezer burn and damaging elements such as insects, moisture and dust.

Our Excalibur food dehydrator reduces food waste. It enables you to dry your foodstuffs and stock your kitchen with easily portable, healthy snacks, which will save you money. Our dehydrator prevents case hardening, food with a dry surface, and moisture trapped inside from spoiling your fresh produce due to bacteria, mould, and yeast growth.

We enjoy personal interaction with our customers and are waiting to help you select what you need. Contact our family-owned and operated company to order and receive well-informed support.

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