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Enrich Your Life With Natural Bath and Body Products

Every step you take towards living a more natural, eco-friendly life is a step towards better health. Looking after yourself is just as important as eating a balanced, organic diet. We have the supplies you need to go green and treat your body to natural bath and body products.

We give you products to exfoliate and prep your skin for absorption and natural balms, oils, and serums to feed and nourish your skin with no added toxins or preservatives.

Why Use a Wooden Hair Combs and a Wooden Hair Brush?

If you have curly hair, you probably moved away from using a brush long ago. A wide-tooth comb might also be your best friend if you have straight hair, but sometimes you just need Tek hairbrushes to get all the knots out. We stock both of these products, and more so you can look lovely and contribute to keeping nature in its best form.

  • Tek ash wood comb. When you buy Tek, you will receive quality goods made ethically and good for the environment. Our Tek ash wood comb is made from FSC 100% certified ash wood, hand-finished and treated with linseed oil and vegetal carnauba wax to ensure waterproof features without using any toxins.
  • Tek ash wood brush. If you love the ash wood comb, you can stick to the same theme and look with our Tek ash wood natural hair brushes for the days when your hair just needs a good brushing. The bristles are made from hornbeam wood pins.
  • Ceramik antibacterial professional round brush. The brush will give you the perfect curls you need. It is made in Italy with ceramic technology to make your hair shine, and they also disperse heat to prevent heat shock to your hair.

Treat Your Skin to Natural Skincare

Taking care of your skin with natural products is one of the first steps you can take towards a more natural lifestyle. The toxins and other ingredients found in some conventional, well-known brands of face products are shocking, and neither your skin nor your bank balance will be happy with the purchase. See what wholesome goodness our natural skincare range includes. We cater for the whole family, from babies to husbands.

  • Scrub bars. Our gingersnap solid face scrub bars are made from brown sugar, ginger and a hint of cinnamon, leaving a light layer of moisture behind once it has removed the dead skin cells to leave your skin feeling revitalised.
  • Dream cream. This cream can do wonders for your wrinkles and hydrate your skin. 100% vegan, it includes melatonin, hemp seed oil and soothing shitake mushrooms to restore lost moisture and glow, all while you sleep.
  • Beard pack. You and your man will both benefit from our beard shampoo and oil. Having a beard also means you need to take good care of it to look neat and not like a castaway. The shampoo will clean his beard, while the oil will leave it smelling great and looking healthy.
  • Bath melts. Help your little one sleep better with a hint of lavender, cocoa butter and flaxseed. Follow their bath with our baby bar or balm for soft, healthy skin, ready for bed.

These are just some of the favourite bath and body products that we stock, and we take care of your entire skin routine with other products. The balms, moisturisers and serums we stock are all-natural, and you will even find body brushes, body care and SPF products, so every part of your body is taken care of naturally.

Why You Can Trust That Nature’s Wonderland Goods Are Natural

We choose our products based on their quality and all the requirements for either being organic, natural or vegan. We ensure that all the products we offer have only natural ingredients and that our natural hair care, skincare, bath, body and home products are all safe for you to use and safe for the environment.

Contact us if you are looking for a specific eco-friendly product, wish to know more about organic or vegan processes, or just need some advice on going green.

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