Undersink Upgrade - Vented Faucet Kit - for UltraStream Alkaliser & Ioniser

As low as $329.00

Allows the UltraStream to be set up under the sink and includes everything you need to install it.

Only for the UltraStream Ioniser / Alkaliser

We've spent a lot of time making sure the UltraStream Undersink kit fulfils the need for a simple trouble-free installation, even without the need for a plumber.

The UltraStream Undersink Installation kit comes from the same factory as the UltraStream in the USA. All parts are EU and US tested to the highest standards.

The faucet employs ceramic valves to eliminate leaks and it is an all-metal construction. We use a custom-designed faucet that prevents mains pressure water from entering the UltraStream.

If (for whatever reason) your UltraStream, or the tubes supplying it, leak, it will not leak mains pressure water. Only the water in the UltraStream and the 1/4" tubes may leak out. Leaks can be caused by the tubes not being inserted enough into the quick connectors.

Includes all parts required to install the UltraStream under the sink.

VERY IMPORTANT: Don't try to install the UltraStream without our special vented faucet. The UltraStream makes hydrogen and a vented faucet must be used.

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