Replacement Filter - for UltraStream Water Alkalisers & Ionisers

As low as $279.00

Filter will last approx. 12 months / 3,000 litres.

The patent-pending UltraStream filter uses the highest quality patented filter media plus exclusive O-Dobi alkalising, ionising and hydrogen producing media. It also supplies infused magnesium and calcium through the life of the filter, calculated and tested over 3600 litres.

Important note for all water filter customers. No filter lasts forever. 3 factors affect its lifespan.

  1. The quality of the filtration media.
  2. The amount of filtration media.
  3. The amount of 'gunk' in your water.

For this reason, we recommend a 12 to 14-month filter replacement. Although we have the world's best filtration media in generous amounts, any filter, no matter how good it is, is a 'toxic waste dump' collecting the toxic chemicals and debris in your water and preventing its passage into your body.

  • Fits Benchtop or Undersink UltraStream Units
  • Constructed from EPA approved plastic. BPA Free
  • All filtration media EU approved
  • Made in the USA
  • A 'new water ioniser with every filter change'. The complete ionising system is integrated within each filter

Please flush the new UltraStream filter for 15 minutes before use.

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