Precious Musk Incense Sticks by HEM

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HEM  - P.R.E.C.I.O.U.S Musk
One of the finest Indian incenses

Hem Precious Musk Incense

Precious Musk
~ Scintillate your sweet, dark senses ~
by HEM : 254mm (10") incense sticks
hand rolled in India

A mystical aroma that touches many chords in the conscious and subconscious mind, awakening it to full alertness.

Stunning incense, very musky - almost like moss. Celestial exotic scent, very opulent and potent.

This delightful Musk incense will take you to heavenly realms beyond, and will transport you far off to oriental lands beyond time.

Musk is the basic ingredient of many perfumes. The scent is hailed as a superior perfume; a fragrance-enhancer; a tonic for the heart; a cure for "melancholy" and a general safeguard against weakness and disease. This fragrance will initiate activity which can help you study and work.


Available in single 8g or 20g packets, or at a discounted price for full boxes.
Each stick equates to approximately 1g, therefore an 8g packet contains about 8 sticks, etc.

We offer a FLAT RATE of $7 shipping cost on all of our Incense, no matter what your quantity.


The P.R.E.C.I.O.U.S. Range of Incense from HEM

Hem Precious Range of Incense

Hem Incense Sticks are associated with providing peace, tranquility and a fragrant freshness as it imbibes the essence of many traditional ingredients known to provide a soul soothing effect. Each Incense stick when lit fills your home or environment with beautiful fragrance, blissful relaxation, aiding to make your meditative and spiritual journey smooth.

From times unknown Agarbattis, also called incense sticks / prayer sticks are known to elevate moods. These sticks are reputed to aid meditation. However Agarbattis are mainly associated with providing peace, tranquillity and of course freshness as it imbibes the essence of many traditional ingredients known to provide a soul soothing effect.

The sticks are easy and safe to light, as well as long lasting. Light one in the morning, creating a relaxing and calming surrounding whilst you meditate or exercise. You can also use it in the evening to relax in its pacifying aroma after a tiring day at work.

Ten Attributes of Hem

    It refreshes your heart, mind and soul
    It purifies the surroundings and makes it pleasant
    It gives a moment of peaceful feeling in your busy life
    It calms and sooths your mind
    It is loved by one and all
    It helps in meditation
    You get a sense of sacredness and sanctity while praying
    Brings peace and tranquility at home
    It helps to relax your nerves and gives you a good sleep
    Used everyday, it does not harm.

Incense making is an art; the sense of smell is the most powerful of all our senses. Smell triggers memories, experiences and events from this life, and it is believed from past as well.

Incense as far as back as can be traced was used as an offering to the powers of spirit in exchange for burning incense, flowers, food, money and candles etc. Incense acts as a messenger between god and devotee.



Musk is a class of aromatic substances commonly used as base notes in perfumery.
Musk is a heavy base note scent that is usually compared with woodsy and earthy smells.

Fortunately, perfumers no longer use animal-derived ingredients, instead moving to more sustainable (and cheaper) plants, or synthetic chemicals. The one used to mimic musk is appropriately called muscone.  Muscone is an organic compound that is the primary contributor to the odour of musk.

It is also possible to obtain musk or musky scents from a variety of plants. However, plant musk does not have the strong, lasting and fixative powers of chemical-derived musks.


Abelmoschus moschatus

Ambrette Seed Oil-Abelmoschus moschatusAbelmoschus moschatus (Abelmosk, ambrette seeds, annual hibiscus, Bamia Moschata, Galu Gasturi, muskdana, musk mallow, musk okra, musk seeds, ornamental okra, rose mallow seeds, tropical jewel hibiscus, Yorka okra) is an aromatic and medicinal plant native to India in the Malvaceae family.
Abelmoschus moschatus is a perennial species comprising two recognised subspecies. Subsp. moschatus occurs in India, parts of Asia and the Pacific Islands. There are also naturalised occurrences of subsp. moschatus in northern New South Wales. Subsp. tuberosus is found in northern Australia and in islands to the north. It is a delightful, soft, herbaceous trailing plant to 2 metres in diameter with soft hairy stems. It has an underground tuber and dies back to this tuber in the dry season, emerging again with the first substantial rains of the wet season. It is a relative of the edible Okra and tubers and foliage were a source of food for Aborigines.

Of the 15 species of these hibiscus-like annuals and perennials, only ablemoschus moschatus is used widely as an herb. This species name comes from the Arabic abu-l-mosk, meaning "father of musk," due to the seeds' musk-like aroma.

They add a wonderful musk-like aroma to any incense mixture.

Aroma Description: rich, sweet, slightly floral, heavy, musk-like, brandy-like, tobacco-like

Emotional Attributes: sensuous, love, cleansing/purifying, relaxing, sleep

Cosmetic Uses: perfumery, aromatherapy

Medicinal Attributes: stimulant herb with insecticide properties. Relaxes spasms, treats digestive disorders, cramps, poor circulation, aching joints, and its oil is used in aromatherapy for anxiety and depression.


Abelmoschus moschatusDescription and History: Historically, Musk fragrance is associated with princely tales from the Indian sub-continent. The Musk Deer -- Moschus Moschiferus, native to India and the Dwarf Musk Deer- Moschus Berezovskii, native to China, were hunted to near extinction to extract its unique navel fragrance gland.

Hibiscus Abelmoschus is a tropical weedy shrub native to India and Ecuador valued for its scented seed. Musk Dana is a close relative to Okra (Bamya, Bhindi Ladies Finger etc.), a popular horticultural crop.

Amoretti oil obtained from seeds possess an odour similar to that of musk and its aromatic constituents have long been used in perfumery industry. Different grades of essential, or aromatic absolute, are marked in Europe as high-grade perfumes.

Contemporary Applications: Musk was formerly regarded as a powerful stimulant to the medulla, and good results have been obtained from its use in cases of collapse.

In the National and International market, the oil is known as Ambrette oil. Musk seeds hold a reputed position in the Indian systems of Medicine. As per Auyurveda, the seeds are cooling, carminative, aphrodisiac, tonic and useful in intestinal complaints, stomatitis and diseases of the heart.

Making Musk Incense: For making Musk Incense, Dry Musk Turmeric roots (Curcuma Aromatica Salisb) are ground with other resins and topped of with Pure Musk Oil derived from seeds of Musk Mallow (Hibiscus Abelmoschus) .

Wild Turmeric, Musk Turmeric or "Kasturi kettu" as known in the tribal areas of the tropical rain forests of South India also contain identical aromatic components as Musk Mallow, producing identical fragrance. The generic term "Kasthuri" in many Indian languages is synonymous to Musk.

The fine tuning of the fragrance is done by adding calibrated amounts of pure Musk essential oil to the incense mixture.


Hem Corporation

Hem Incense: The Essence of India

Using incense has been a tradition in India since time immemorial. Whether at the time of Gautam Buddha in ancient India or Mahatma Gandhi in Modern India, both have strived to bring harmony and peace in a multicultural world.

Hem Corporation strives to deliver genuine hand crafted Indian Incense across the world, in a variety of fragrances which blend with every culture and tradition. Through this they aspire to spread the message of love and harmony.

Hem incense is in the form of scented and masala incense sticks, agarbatti, dhoops and cones. These help in your prayers, meditation, yoga and in making your environment aromatic and pleasant, thus contributing to peace and tranquility.

Hem Corporation - Leading Manufacturers And Exporters Of Incense Sticks, Dhoop Sticks And Cones.


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