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This giant Kangaroo from Dolce's Primo range is absolutely perfect for cuddling!

It comes with a bonus, baby Joey, and the kangaroo pocket features a shaker egg. Featuring a peek-a-boo door on one of its feet, it is also adorned with beads and a teether on its other foot.

Why Children Love this Toy:

  • Sounds: Children will delight in creating sounds by using the toy's squeakers and rattles.
  • Colour: The variation of colour makes them highly engaging for inquisitive babies.
  • Bead Rattler: Shaking the toy will cause the beads to rattle around in the stomach, much to the delight of children.
  • Material: A high quality, safe design means babies can use different parts of the toy as teethers.
  • Touch: The different textures and the crinkle feet are incredibly satisfying and fun for children to play with.

Educational Benefits:

  • The 3D design helps toddlers to differentiate patterns through tactile play.
  • The toy helps to connect the babies motor skills with auditory learning by squeaking and rattling it.
  • Visual learning is provoked through colour perception.

Other features:

  • Soft parts for use as a teether toy.
  • Non – Toxic (Formaldehyde Free, BPA Free)
About the Company

At Dolce we believe that learning through play is the most effective way for young children to develop their senses and stimulate their intellectual growth. All of our products are designed with fun and learning in mind. We use new and exciting fabrics and colours, sounds and textures all co-ordinated to enhance a child's development. Welcome to the world of Dolce!

Learning through Play


At Dolce, we know and understand how important early development is for your child. We use fabrics, colours and activities in each of our products that educate during play to stimulate all the senses.

We are immensely proud that our products have recently been authenticated by STEM.org. This is a true milestone as we are the only baby toys company in the world who has had all their products authenticated by such a prestigious organisation.

Dolce Toys is committed to providing children with a fun and educational way to play and learn. All toys have been carefully manufactured to meet strict safety regulations. All materials used are BPA free, safe and environmentally friendly.

The Dolce Philosophy

Dolce Toys are based on the idea of STEM learning. STEM learning is an initiative that has been developed in top universities around North America and Europe in an attempt to give children the best possible start in life.

Why Dolce Toys?

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Educational experts have highlighted these areas as growing exponentially saying that over 1 million new jobs will be created in the next 20 years for those qualified in the subjects. As a result, governments around the world have encouraged initiatives that seek to stimulate learning of STEM from a young age.

The educational theory behind Dolce Toys is that there is no better way to learn cognitive skills at an early age than through play. It’s no secret that individuals are a lot more engaged when they are genuinely interested in something. As a result, the more entertaining something is, the more engaged children will be.

All of our products are designed with learning and fun at the forefront of our process. Every toy, even the fabrics that we use have a purpose to educate your child as they play with the toy. At a young age, children learn from everything they see, touch, feel and smell, exploring the world around them. With the interaction of the parent or caregiver they will develop their senses and intelligence far faster. At Dolce, we care!!

Learning through play

By using the latest technology and knowledge in educational theory Dolce Toys has created a line of products that has been scientifically proven to develop children’s cognitive functions in order to give them a head start in STEM learning. By playing with Dolce Toys children are exposing themselves to crucial early learning without realizing that they’re doing anything but enjoying themselves. Colour coordination, motor skills, linguistic development, telling the time and basic numeracy skills are amongst the many benefits that children will gain from playing with Dolce Toys.

Education can often be a heavy topic and something that puts children off and causes disengagement. The beauty of Dolce Toys is that they are incredibly fun and engaging for children to play with. The learning will come completely naturally as a side effect of immersive fun activities.

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Dimensions30cm high sitting
BrandDolce Toys
Country of ManufactureChina
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