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Annabelle the Lamb has never met a stranger.

With movable arms and legs, Yogatale is tied up in knots excited to play!

She loves playing with all her friends. Annabelle always remembers people's names and something special about them. When she passes by grandmothers on the street she always says "hi" to them.

Her friends feel special when around her because she truly cares for each one of them. At night during bedtime prayers, Annabelle prays for all the friends she saw that day from the ice cream man to the kid in her class who wasn't feeling well.

As part of your family, Annabelle will bring the joy of friendship to your home.

  • Outer surface fabric: organic cotton
  • Inner surface fabric webbing: polyester
  • Inner surface fabric: silk
  • Stuffing: certified recycled polyester
  • Dimensions: 12 x 10 x 33.75cm (4.7 x 4 x 13.3 in)

Washing instructions: Hand wash with organic soap if possible. Or machine wash in cold water with mild soap. Air dry flat. After drying brush cotton gently to restore appearance of plush.

About the Company

miYim® America's first organic cotton baby toy and gift brand is still made by the same Brooklyn-based family that helped birth organic cotton baby toys 20 years ago.

miYim®'s Vision

miYim® toys provides safe organic toys to families for memorable play experiences. We believe that families who play together stay together. We seek to improve family play time and connection through simple organic toys made with care. We are driven to grow and nourish families that play together around the globe.

miYim® toys… inspired by family to grow and nourish families that play around the globe.

Why miYim®?

Give the babies in your life the gift of organic, natural toys in this chemical filled world. When you bring home miYim® you bring home clean play.

Safe, Certified & Tested

Organic miYim® helps keep your child and especially newborn babies safe from pesticides. It is for this reason that we use organic cotton for our products. Our safety concern begins with not just the design and testing of all of our toys and accessories but with the very raw materials from which we make our products. With normal cotton, harmful toxins are absorbed into cotton plants, the air, the soil, the water and eventually, our bodies.

It is for this reason that miYim® organic cotton toys are made with safety in mind. Made from organic cotton and coloured by natural eco-friendly dyes, our toys help to make your home a safe and chemical safe environment for you and your child.

More Than Just Playthings

Families are important. We at Famili Plays believe that the family that plays together stays together. Through miYim®, we provide interactive toys and accessories that allow parents, grandparents, siblings, and friends help 0-3-year-olds experience the richness of life together.

Whether it’s Leo the Lion or Victoria the Bunny, each of our toys and accessories are designed with the connection between parents and children in mind. Our world will only continue to modernize and digitize. Our role in it is to strengthen families, by designing and producing miYim® and other characters and products that bring people together rather than isolate them.

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Dimensions12 x 10 x 33.75cm (4.7 x 4 x 13.3 in)
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