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Jora Kompost - an ecological revolution of your own!

Composting has never been easier with this rotating, heat-generating and insulated composter. Convenient and simple to use - all year round.

Enjoy seeing the transformation of your kitchen waste into nutritious compost that you can use to fertilise lawns, pot plants, vegetable gardens and flower beds.

This Swedish designed quality home composting unit is manufactured to impeccably high standards. Available in 2 sizes, both units feature 2 insulated compartments and are self standing with the high stand (included) or can be mounted to the wall (sold separately). The composter high enough to get a wheelbarrow underneath.

The Big Pig is perfect for a household of 10 - 12 people (25-30 litres of kitchen waste a week).

Compost in 3 easy steps...

  1. To begin, simply add your daily kitchen scraps, doggie and garden waste to a starter eg; active compost. The insulated environment will increase in temperature; creating the ideal ecological environment for decomposing solid matter.
  2. Add some sawdust to ensure you have the correct ratio of wet & dry ingredients.
  3. Rotate the barrel every time you add waste to ensure adequate aeration and your organic, nutrient rich compost will be ready for use in around 6 weeks!

Why choose the Joraform Composter?
Fully insulated and aerated

The most suitable organisms for decomposition are oxygen breathers or “aerobes” and there must be an adequate movement of air through the decomposing matter to supply their needs. The Jora composter has been cleverly constructed to allow aeration while simultaneously accelerating the decomposing process as the temperature is maintained at the correct level for decomposing to occur.

Fully rotating for proper mixing!
One of the big advantages of the Jora composters is how easy it is to mix the contents. Rotating the unit draws in air, preventing odours and mixing wet and dry matter. By rotating the unit, aeration occurs and the moisture is evenly distributed so new surface planes emerge for the micro-organisms to digest.

Easy to balance wet & dry
For efficient breakdown of waste matter, the correct combination of aeration, temperature plus sufficient mixing with the correct wet & dry ratio is required. The combination of rotation and sawdust make it easy to maintain the temperature, aeration and wet & dry ratio. One turn of the unit with each new quantity of waste is sufficient to aerate the contents. Rotate the unit more frequently if the waste is very wet, to ensure even distribution of the sawdust or wood pellets.

The role played by sawdust / wood shavings
The use of sawdust / wood shavings absorbs the moisture and gives structure to the compost, keeping it well aerated. The addition of sawdust has 3 important functions. Micro-organisms need both carbon and nitrogen. For each part nitrogen (N) there needs to be 30 parts carbon (C). Green waste and food waste are very high in nitrogen. Therefore, carbon is needed to balance the waste. When you add dry sawdust, it...

  • absorbs moisture
  • adds structure to the finished compost
  • provides a carbon source on which the micro-organisms feed

Jorakompost has been tested and evaluated in a project comprising 466 households in small houses and blocks of flats and day nurseries. The results have proved most satisfactory as has been shown in the Report No. 4229 by the Swedish Authority for Environment Conservation.

A rotating heat compost for convenient and simple use all the year round. Enjoy seeing the conversion of your kitchen waste into nutritious compost earth. Compost earth with which you can fertilise lawns, pot plants, and flower beds.

In a Joraform Compost it's an easy thing to compost all your kitchen food waste including meat and fish. Not many composters can do that.

The key to success is rotation
Mixing is necessary for making a compost to work well -

  • Both for making the fresh waste coming into contact with that already mouldered, thereby rendering the process more effective,
  • and in order to add air, necessary for the high demand for oxygen of the process.

This is done in a very simple way because these composting bins have been constructed for easy rotation. Furthermore it is very easy to adjust the air supply to suit the quantity of waste by aid of ventilators in the side walls of the machine. Insufficient airing makes a compost smell bad.

Jorakompost - heat and efficiency
Breaking down of a compost generates heat. Different micro-organisms start working at different temperatures. The Big and Little Pig Composts are well insulated and allow the temperature to rise to as high as +75°C for the maximum breaking down point. Without insulation it may not be possible to reach such a high temperature, which in turn means that micro-organisms demanding high temperatures for their activity will never start working.

Using an insulated, rotating compost you get a more even heat distribution and an active breaking down process in the entire volume. That is why composting is made rapid; approximately 6 - 8 weeks time. The high temperature makes the Jorakompost especially suited for kitchen waste, both cooked and uncooked, including meat and fish scraps.

Two compartments, for maximum results
The compost bin is divided into two compartments to make emptying and bringing to maturity easier. The compartment filled last is covered by a sheet while the other compartment is emptied of its completed compost.

By composting your domestic waste, you will reduce the weight of your waste up to 50%.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q. What is the best material to use when beginning with the Big or Little Pig composter?
Place a couple of shovel loads of active compost, horse or chicken manure into the new side to begin the process.

Q. Why can I put meat into this composter? I thought meat was no good.
One of the main reasons that meat has traditionally been excluded from compost is that is attracts vermin. With the Joraform composters, they are completely sealed units which are also elevated therefore this is no longer a problem.

Q. How important is adding newspaper, lawn and garden clippings to making good compost?
The key to making a compost work is aeration and the correct mix of carbon and nitrogen. Tear up all household paper and newspapers; add garden clippings and also wood shavings or pellets to remove the moisture. The design of the Big and Little Pig composters is that it’s easy to rotate and introduce air and turn over the planes so that the micro organisms can do their work.

Q. I’ve seen other rotating compost bins. What makes the Joraform Composter so unique?
Composting works best when it’s left to do its stuff. The twin compartments of the Joraform composters allow for one side to be completely closed off when full. The heat generated in this highly insulated unit reaches up to 75° centigrade.

Product Specifications:
Capacity: 10-12 persons or 25-30L / week
Size: 1160mm x 886mm
Weight: Approx 38kg

Suitable for Composting

Unsuitable for Composting

Food scraps (raw, cooked, fried and smoked) Cigarette butts, ashes, snuff and tobacco
Meat - and bones Chewing gum
Fish - and bones Tinfoil and other metals
Shellfish Rubber Items
Vegetables Cat sand
Eggs - and shells Vacuum cleaner bags
Potatoes Envelopes, newspapers, or other heavily printed matter
Bread and biscuits Any plastics, plastic bags
Fruit (every kind) Milk or juice cartons (they are waxed)
Coffee drains and filters Cling film
Teabags and tealeaves Pieces of coloured or impregnated wood (a pollutant to the compost)
Household paper, paper bags (non-coloured) Sacking
Serviettes (non-coloured) Fire ashes, chalk, earth
Egg cartons (non-coloured without tags)
Sawdust from hamster/guinea pig cages
Flower water from vases, pots and terraces
Dog waste

Joraform - their mission is to develop environmental products that make it easier for you to live with awareness and respect for the natural environment.

The company behind these remarkable compost units is Joraform, which has developed and marketed compost machines for local composting of domestic waste with the view of educating and providing assistance in regards to recycling from tenant-owner’s associations, housing firms, building companies, schools and institutional kitchens.

Joraform is a company with extensive experience in the field of composting domestic waste. They have been cooperating with The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency (Naturvårdsverket) in composting projects, where several hundreds of households have been participating. The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (Statens Lantbruksuniversitet) has been doing analyses and cultivation experiments of the resulting compost. It all began in 1990 with their rotating compost bin for single-family households.

Joraform were the first company that presented the idea of a rotating compost bin…now they have developed a composting solutions for domestic waste of up to several hundreds of households.

Their mission is to develop environmental products that make it easier for you to live with awareness and respect for the natural environment.

The idea of recycling pervades the entire company.

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