Hurom H200 Premium Series - All In One Vertical Cold Press Juicer

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The new Hurom All In One H200: Simply Perfect

New Mega Hopper & Drum Assembly | One Step Assembly | Tilted Chamber

Hurom’s new 2020 release Premium series sports a trendy look and is designed to provide a superior juicing experience.

Awarded the prestigious Kitchen Innovation Award for 2020, the Hurom H200 builds upon the success of its H100 predecessor.

The Hurom H200 is the first juicer in Hurom's innovative range of juicers to incorporate a complete juicing system, from chopping through to juicing. This unique system marks the culmination of years of research and development to create a juicer that is easy to use, convenient but, most importantly, creates a juice that is refined, nutritious and optimally superior to other methods of whole fruit juice extraction.

The new Mega Hopper enables whole fruit and vegetables to be inserted without chopping. The Trimming Wing cuts, adjusts and pushes ingredients as they travel through the juicer, requiring less preparation time by you and enabling an easier clean up experience.

Simplified design elements to both the strainer and drum specifications ensure easy assembly and a quick and easy clean.

All in one.

The new H200 features a complete juicing system from start to finish. From chopping to juicing.

More room,
less prep work.

Enjoy the perks of a wider hopper chute by placing in whole fruits and vegetables instead of chopping them into pieces.

Automatically cut, inserted, and extracted.

Introducing the newly desgined trimming wing, cutting and pushing the ingredients inside, which means that you don't have to do it.

Slow Squeezing Technology

The slowly rotating screw squeezes and extracts nutrients while generating a minimal amount of frictional heat and oxidization, keeping taste, colors, and nutrients intact.

Simplified design for easy assembly

The design provides pre-determined grooves that fit together when the Mega Hooper Set is placed onto the body, for a perfect fit every time.

Clean up made easy

Specially designed strainers minimize pulp build-up between the strainer gaps for a quick, easy, and thorough wash.

Hopper Chute for continuous jucing

Keep adding ingredients through the provided chute, while the juicer is juicing.

Healthy habits of happy people, Happiness begins with Hurom

Hurom Life offers information and tips on how to maintain peace of mind and bring greater happiness into the lives of you and your family.

Enjoy a few moments of happiness during your hectic day with a glass of juice that embodies the value of healthy food directly from nature.

Fast and thorough cleaning

The juicer's strainers have been designed to prevent residue build-up and can therefore be cleaned simply by rinsing under running water. The absence of sharp blades makes the strainers not only convenient to clean but safe to handle as well.

Amazingly convenient to use

The new Hurom juicer is amazingly easy to assemble—all you have to do to get ready for juicing is fit the chamber into the groove in the base.

Seven-degree tilt extracts every last drop!

The bottom of the chamber has been given a seven-degree tilt to collect even the very last drops of juice after the juicing process is complete, with no need for the user to tilt the device manually.

Simple, delicious, healthy:
Hurom. Everyday.

Model: H200
Drum Assembly: All In One
Size of Juicing Bowl: 400ml
Dimensions (W x D x H): 445 x 286 x 176mm
Weight: 6.5 kg
Motor RPM: 50
Motor: Single-Phase Induction
Wattage: 200W
Voltage / Frequency: 220-240V / 50Hz/60Hz
Certified: CE / C-Tick
Cord Length: 4.5ft (1.4 m)
Rated Usage: Less than 30 mins continuously
Warranty: 10 years on motor, 2 years on parts and labour
In the box:
Mega Hopper, Screw, Fine Strainer, Coarse Strainer, Juice Container, Pulp Container, Pusher, Cleaning Brush, Recipe Book, Manual

Since 1974 Hurom has been developing "advanced technology to benefit every body". They continually research new technology that will contribute to the health of humanity. They never stop thinking how home appliance technology can benefit people and their health.

Hurom are at the forefront of a dietary culture and invest heavily in researching and developing products that maintain the nutrition in natural food. They never rest in this, always seeking ways to do things better.

Hurom has pioneered a new market by challenging the status quo. Their innovation began with the green juicer followed by the slow juicer. Their technology is recognised around world as the most advanced method for extracting the best of health from nature. They aim to become a kitchen and home appliance company that truly thinks about people, enabling them to achieve healthier diets. They will do this while continuing to look after the interests of all their customers and business partners.

Meaning of Hurom
The Hurom name represents a corporate spirit which values the health of humankind.

Hurom is a compound word combining the English word for 'human' and Korean word for 'benefit for the body'. It symbolises how their products help provide nutrition to bodies worn out by the stress and pollution of modern living. It's a unique word that reminds everyone that people are at the heart of everything we do. It's easy to pronounce and effectively communicates their business.

More Information
Power220-240V / 50Hz/60Hz
Dimensions445 x 286 x 176mm
Weight6.5 kg
Country of ManufactureSouth Korea
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