Hurom H100 Easy Series - Vertical Cold Press Juicer

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Like nothing we’ve ever made: The new Hurom Slow Juicer H100

New Inno Chamber Drum Assembly | One Step Assembly | Tilted Chamber

Hurom’s new 2019 release Easy series was designed to be as convenient as possible for customers to use and clean, enabling them to enjoy fresh, high-quality juice without hassle.

The Hurom H100 cold press juicer is testament to Hurom's commitment to produce the highest quality juice, whilst utilising the most sophisticated techniques to create a juicing experience that is both easy and enjoyable.

The H100 incorporates refinements designed to enhance your juicing experience. Its fresh, new design aesthetic ensures that it is a statement piece for your kitchen. Its elegant design, available in 2 charismatic colours, will complement any bench top. Its small footprint ensures that it sits neatly alongside your coffee machine or other kitchen appliances.

The H100 incorporates new design specifications which allow for both ease of assembly, as well as cleaning. The 7 degree tilted chamber ensures that every drop of juice leaves the chamber with no waste. The increased width and straight angle of the dual hopper allows for smaller ingredients, such as berries and cherry tomatoes, to be inserted into the juicer more easily. The new and improved strainer set prevents pulp build up and enables quick and easy washing.

Next Level Convenience

To achieve the highest level of convenience, we base our designs on user feedback.
Hurom has taken actual user experiences into consideration to develop its best juicer ever, featuring a completely new juicing mechanism.
This new Hurom juicer manages to achieve the remarkable feat of preserving the fresh taste and nutritional value of the ingredients while radically maximizing the convenience of its operation.

Amazing benefits of the new Hurom H100 series

Amazingly convenient to use

Immensely simplified method of operation with completely new juicing mechanism.

Fast and thorough cleaning

Easier and faster to clean than ever before.

Quiet juicing at all times of day

Quiet operation allows you to juice in the morning or at night without worrying about excessive noise.

Discover a new lifestyle through Hurom's innovation.

The revolutionary Hurom Slow Juicer H100 preserves the fresh taste and nutritional value of ingredients and offers easy and thorough cleaning and simple assembly.
Make Hurom an essential part of your daily routine.

Benefit No. 1 of the New Hurom

Fast and thorough cleaning

The juicer's strainers have been designed to prevent residue build-up and can therefore be cleaned simply by rinsing under running water. The absence of sharp blades makes the strainers not only convenient to clean but safe to handle as well.

Benefit No. 2 of the New Hurom

Amazingly convenient to use

The new Hurom juicer is amazingly easy to assemble—all you have to do to get ready for juicing is fit the chamber into the groove in the base.

Benefit No. 3 of the New Hurom

The even quieter Hurom H100

The new, low-noise design allows you to use the Hurom juicer at any time of day without worrying about being too loud.

Major Difference No. 1 of the New Hurom

Seven-degree tilt extracts every last drop!

The bottom of the chamber has been given a seven-degree tilt to collect even the very last drops of juice after the juicing process is complete, with no need for the user to tilt the device manually.

Major Difference No. 2 of the New Hurom

Easy-to-use lift lever

Press the lift lever downward when juicing and upward when making ice cream or rinsing the juicer. When pressed down, the lift lever gives the ingredients one additional squeeze. For a quick and easy clean, simply lift the lever up.

Major Difference No. 3 of the New Hurom

Insert ingredients safely with the new and improved dual hopper

Hurom's dual hopper is now even safer to use thanks to a design that does not require users to place their hands into the hopper when inserting ingredients. The increased size of the hopper also makes it easier to juice ingredients of a wide range of shapes and sizes.

Major Difference No. 4 of the New Hurom

Easy use and meticulous design

Long appreciated by all Hurom juicer users, the jog dial and juice tray complete this device's simple yet meticulous design.

The H100 comes with three types of strainers, allowing the you to make a variety of different recipes.

For hard ingredients:
juice strainer

Immensely simplified method of operation with completely new juicing mechanism.

For soft ingredients:
smoothie strainer

The smoothie strainer has larger gaps than the juice strainer, making it ideal for juicing soft-flesh fruits (strawberry, banana, kiwi, etc.) and making thicker juices.

For frozen fruit:
ice cream strainer

Use the ice cream strainer to make 100 percent natural ice cream using frozen mangoes, strawberries, bananas, or any other fruits.

Simple, delicious, healthy:
Hurom. Everyday.

One colorful, nutrient-packed glass of juice a day

For a healthier and more youthful lifestyle, it is important to consume a balanced blend of fruits and vegetables of varying colors.

Enjoy the flavors and health benefits you deserve with the New Hurom Slow Juicer H100.

Habits for a healthy life

Hurom's technology, which embodies the health-promoting properties of food, is the best way to enjoy the healthy and delicious edible treasures that nature provides.

Model: H100
Drum Assembly: Inno Chamber
Size of Juicing Bowl: 350ml
Dimensions (W x D x H): 293.3 x 210.9 x 462mm
Weight: 5.8 kg
Motor RPM: 43
Motor: Single-Phase Induction
Wattage: 150W
Voltage / Frequency: 220-240V / 50Hz/60Hz
Certified: CE / C-Tick
Cord Length: 4.5ft (1.4 m)
Rated Usage: Less than 30 mins continuously
Warranty: 10 years on motor, 2 years on parts and labour
In the box:
Dual Hopper (160 (Ø)), Screw, Fine Strainer, Coarse Strainer, Ice Cream Strainer, Juice Container, Pulp Container, Chamber, Pusher, Cleaning Brush, Recipe Book, Manual

Since 1974 Hurom has been developing "advanced technology to benefit every body". They continually research new technology that will contribute to the health of humanity. They never stop thinking how home appliance technology can benefit people and their health.

Hurom are at the forefront of a dietary culture and invest heavily in researching and developing products that maintain the nutrition in natural food. They never rest in this, always seeking ways to do things better.

Hurom has pioneered a new market by challenging the status quo. Their innovation began with the green juicer followed by the slow juicer. Their technology is recognised around world as the most advanced method for extracting the best of health from nature. They aim to become a kitchen and home appliance company that truly thinks about people, enabling them to achieve healthier diets. They will do this while continuing to look after the interests of all their customers and business partners.

Meaning of Hurom
The Hurom name represents a corporate spirit which values the health of humankind.

Hurom is a compound word combining the English word for 'human' and Korean word for 'benefit for the body'. It symbolises how their products help provide nutrition to bodies worn out by the stress and pollution of modern living. It's a unique word that reminds everyone that people are at the heart of everything we do. It's easy to pronounce and effectively communicates their business.

More Information
Power220-240V / 50Hz/60Hz
Wattage 150W
Dimensions 293.3 x 210.9 x 462mm
Weight5.8 kg
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