Echidna - Ceramic Wildlife Sculpture


Made from slipcast porcellaneous stoneware, high fired to 1290°C. It's features are then applied using onglaze slip.

Measures approximately 9cm long x 5cm high with a gloss finish and will fit into the palm of an adult hand.

The short-beaked echidna (Tachyglossus aculeatus) is covered in fur and spines (quills) and has a distinctive snout and a specialised tongue that it uses to catch its prey at a great speed. When threatened, the echidna will curl inwards, leaving only their sharp spines exposed.

The short-beaked echidna is one of four living species of echidna and the only member of the genus Tachyglossus. Like the other extant monotremes, the short-beaked echidna lays eggs; the monotremes are the only group of mammals to do so.

Did you know echidnas are named after the "Mother of monsters" in Greek mythology and are sometimes known as spiny anteaters?

A wild shortbeak echidna, taken in Swifts Creek, Victoria.

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