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Convert regular H2O into powerful, healing Hydrogen Water (H2) with balanced pH!

Utilising electrolysis to split drinking water and produce ionised, hydrogen infused, pH balanced alkaline water, our hydrogen water ionisers are equipped with a unique patented electrode design and PFC (Platinum Fine Coating) technology, as well as a patented automatic reverse cleaning function.

Manufactured by Maxell, the global leader of world-class products.

Hydrogen water offers us a huge collection of health benefits, among them anti-ageing, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-allergy effects, and is able to penetrate just about every cell in the body, including the brain.

  • Prevent oxidative stress
  • Fight free radicals
  • Protect against illness and disease
  • Enhance athletic performance
  • Aid weight control
  • Ease muscle fatigue
  • Boost energy
  • Improve sleep quality
  • Reduce ageing
  • Support brain function and memory

The list goes on!

What does a Water Ioniser do?

Water Ionisers combine the myriad benefits of hydrogenated water with alkalisation and ionisation.

A water ioniser utilises the process of electrolysis to change the structure of water on a molecular level, producing and separating a concentration of alkaline and acidic minerals to create two streams of water: alkaline, ionised water, and acidic, oxidised water.

The ionised water contains negatively-charged ions and is electron- and antioxidant-rich, packed with molecular hydrogen, and features a reduced water molecule size (micro-clustered), providing superior hydration to the body.

The positively-charged ions collect in the acidic water, making it perfect for many uses. Though it cannot be consumed internally, the acidic water stream is not waste water, and can be used for many things, including washing skin and hair, treating minor wounds, and even in the laundry.

A water ioniser can create alkaline water, purified water, or acidic water, depending upon which setting is selected.

Buder Alkaline Hydrogen Water Ionisers use leading Japanese technology and the unit, electrodes and internal filter are all made in Japan by Maxell.

Buder Water Ionisers are certified by TUV / ISO13485, and the UF membrane/silver carbon filter cartridges are certified by JIS / SGS.

The Electrolysis Plates

Seven 12-chambered platinum titanium electrolysis plates are at the heart of the system.

Maxell's unique patented "Perfect Platinum PFC" surface treatment technology means the platinum electrode plates are treated by very fine double electroplating (two layers of electroplating is applied) and treated by a process called sintering. Sintering is an effective process to reduce porosity, and enhances properties such as strength, electrical conductivity, translucency and thermal conductivity of the electrodes.

Following this double surface treatment, the electrodes are thicker than many other brands, allowing for the the very best performance and durability.

A patented automatic cleaning cycle runs every second for 1/50s during electrolysis, ensuring the life and lasting performance of the electrodes by reducing scale buildup.

The Filtration Stages

Firstly, the system filters water through a three-stage filter system, consisting of:

  • 5 Micron Polypropylene Sediment Filter to remove particulate matter from water, such as dirt, sand, sediment, and rust.
  • Activated Carbon Filter to remove sediment, contaminants and impurities (via adsorption), such as chlorine, VOCs, taste, and odour.
  • 1 Micron Polypropylene Sediment Filter for extra fine particulate filtration.

This initial filtration performs the same function that many regular household water filters do, by reducing or removing contaminants with filters that physically block contaminants from passing through with the water, as well as reducing chemicals through the adsorption process.

The Internal Filter

The internal filter cartridge is silver activated carbon combined with Ultrafiltration (UF) membrane, using 0.1 ultrafiltration hollow fibre membrane material.

The UF acts as a barrier filter, further polishing the water and retaining any particles over 0.1 micron remaining after the three-stage pre-filter. This filter separates harmful bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants from water. Suspended particles that are too large to pass through the membrane stick to the outer membrane surface.

After water has passed through the membrane, it travels to the electrolysis chamber, where the ionisation, pH adjustment, and hydrogenation happens.

Unlike reverse osmosis, naturally occurring minerals in water, such as calcium and magnesium, are retained in the water.

Model HI-TA817C
Weight 6.2 kg
Dimensions 24 × 13 × 32 cm
Net Weight



Automatic Continuous Reverse Cleaning System, PFC Electrodes Technology, Filter Replacement Alert, QuickChange Pre-Filter Cartridge System

Maximum Flow Rate

4.4L (1 gal) per minute

Dissolved Hydrogen Concentration

~ 1.2ppm (depending upon water quality)


~ -1000 mV

pH Value

17 levels, 2.7 ~ 10.5

1st Stage Pre-Filter Life

3 months or when colour darkens/flow reduces

2nd Stage Pre-Filter Life

6-9 months, depending upon water quality

3rd Stage Pre-Filter Life

9 months or when colour darkens/flow reduces

Internal Filter Life

12,000 L (3,000 gal)

Electrode Material

Platinum Plated Titanium

No. Plates



220V-3.0A / 250W

Country of Manufacture



TUV, SGS, ISO13485


– Countertop Alkaline Hydrogen Water Ioniser (0.1 micron UF internal filter)
– QuickChange Pre-Filter Cartridge System (5 micron PP sediment filter, activated carbon filter, 1 micron PP sediment filter)

About the Company

Buder Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. was founded on integrity in 1970. For more than 46 years, Buder has been continuously developing their products and, with excellent customer service and superior quality, has become a professional water dispenser manufacturer.

Buder products have been exported to more than 40 countries, such as UK, USA, and Australia.

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