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Pure carbon comb with wide and fine teeth. Antistatic – Handmade in Italy.

Professional antibacterial cutting comb in pure carbon with wide and fine teeth, 19cm x 3cm (7.48" x 1.18"). VeganOK certified product.

TEK antibacterial carbon combs are the result of advanced technological research for professional use. They are made of pure carbon and enriched with a powerful antibacterial which makes them bacteriostatic at 99.99%.

Thanks to the careful smoothing there aren't imperfections through the teeth so the combs are perfect to block the hair, both wet and dry, between one tooth and another allowing an high precision during the haircut; they are also completely antistatic. The antibacterial carbon combs can be easily washed with soap and water and don't need to be sterilised; the antibacterial is mixed with the carbon so the antibacterial effect is guaranteed for life.

The health of your hair begins with Tek's brushes and combs

All TEK's brushes and combs are 100% handmade in Italy, in fact, they area strictly manufactured, assembled and wrapped in Italy by expert hands; this tradition of craftsmanship is synonymous of a great attention to details and high quality standards.

Tek is characterised by a high environmental awareness which is present along the entire production chain: the wood comes from well and conscious managed forests; the rubber is natural and it is not derived from petroleum. The handmade finishing is realised with linseed oil and carnauba wax.

TEK is always looking for combining to the latest technology discoveries a special attention to fashion in order to create glamorous and high-performance products.

Why use Tek brushes?

The FSC certificated handle and bristles do not rip hair and do not electrify it; the natural rubber cushion allows a soft and pleasant brushing, massages the scalp and reactivates the blood circulation, reinforcing the hair roots. Lot of brushes on the market are made with plastic materials and often in their production there are some manufacturing defects that can damage the hair. Moreover, plastic attracts electrostatic energy and so causes the creation of the "fluttering" effect on the hair. Being that plastic is a petroleum derivative it is also highly pollutant. The pins of the Tek brushes are perfectly turned and smooth, so they don't show those imperfections that can damage the hair. Tek is "Hand Made in Italy"; we fabricate everything entirely in Italy and our production criterion are controller and certificated, the attentive commitment of our collaborators make the Tek products able to maintain the higher quality standards.

About the Company

Since 1977, Tek has made its products only with natural materials fully respecting the environment.

TEK's products are 100% handmade in Italy, and are characterised by high quality standards and a particular attention to design and trend without neglecting the traditional craft that distinguished our country time-after-time.

Made in Italy for TEK is synonymous with:

  • Craftmanship: every accessory is handmade by a qualified Italian staff member in order to guarantee an overall production system that works with higher ethical standards, avoiding the use of child labor.
  • Attention to details: all items are individually controlled before packaging.
  • Attention to the environment: all wood used in the development of products comes from sustainable in an effort to avoid wild deforestation.
  • Quality: TEK continues research into new technologies in order to constantly create more innovative products.
  • Beauty: a fashionable color palette and a sophisticated design make TEK’s products unique. TEK doesn't only produce only under their own brand, but has developed partnerships with renowned companies such as Emporio Armani, L’Oreal, Kerastase, Wella, Victoria's Secret and many others.


Made in Italy, sustainability and environmental protection have always been the key points of our philosophy.

Tek combines craftsmanship and technology: the careful and thoughtful manufacture allows the realization of products according to specific principles, innovative technologies allows a forefront studied in the Beauty sector.

The principles of the company are applied in the whole production:

  • The woods came from responsible and well managed forests
  • It's used a natural "caucciù" rubber to avoid the use of oil derivative
  • The finishing part, hand made, is realised on the base of sustainable principles with the use of linen oil and bee wax colored with vegetal aniline.
  • The packaging is made of natural carton produced in accordance with the Well Managed Forest that certify that the support carton fiber are coming from forests with integrated sustainable cultivation

The attention and the cure for nature are not only the philosophy for the company, but rather they are a principle extremely important for the hair treatment. The use of wood for the realisation of the handle and pins allow brushing hair without any risks and avoid electrifying them.

The choice of natural rubber for the support of pins also allows a soft and comfortable brush, a massage to scalp and then the improvement of blood circulation that reinforce hair roots. The wooden pins, unlike the plastic, are perfectly turned and polished without any imperfection that may damage hair.


All TEK’s products are certified FSC®, Forest Stewardship Council, a mark that identifies products which contain wood coming from forests managed correctly and responsibly according to strict environmental, social and economic standards. In March 2017, TEK added the prestigious B Corp® Certification. B Corp® companies are for-profit companies who have chosen to go through the evaluation process to uphold the meticulous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. All products of the Ceramik line are tested by ISTEC-CNR, Institute of Science and Technology for Ceramic Materials – National Research Council, which certifies that the products are coated with ceramic material based on aluminum oxide. Tek also uses Pure Energy, RECS certified electrical energy, and participates in the development of energy production from renewable sources such as sun, wind and water. In December 2018, TEK acquired the VEGANOK certification, the first and only standard for Ethical Vegan products created in Italy that guarantees the consumer the absence of animal parts within the product.

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