Buder Portable Hydrogen Water Generator Bottle HI-TA13


Convert regular H2O into powerful, healing Hydrogen Water (H2) at the press of a button!

Portable, rechargeable, lightweight and stylish, the Buder Hydrogen Water Generator Bottle creates beneficial hydrogen water in just 3 minutes. Powered by an inbuilt and rechargeable battery, the bottle utilises electrolysis to split drinking water and produce hydrogen infused water. Using patented technology, it can even produce hydrogen water from distilled or RO water — something not previously possible.

Manufactured by Maxell, the global leader of world-class products.

Hydrogen water offers us a huge collection of health benefits, among them anti-ageing, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-allergy effects, and is able to penetrate just about every cell in the body, including the brain.

  • Prevent oxidative stress
  • Fight free radicals
  • Protect against illness and disease
  • Enhance athletic performance
  • Aid weight control
  • Ease muscle fatigue
  • Boost energy
  • Improve sleep quality
  • Reduce ageing
  • Support brain function and memory

The list goes on!

Take a look at our Hydrogen Water website for even more details.

The Buder Hydrogen Bottle uses leading Japanese technology with worldwide patented titanium platinum electrode plates. These electrodes form a 360 degree, 3 layer plate area that is up to 14 times the electrode area of other brands, whose electrodes are a single plate in the bottom of the bottle.

By swapping the positive and negative electrode charge each time the bottle is turned on, and utilising an automatic backwash every 1/50s, the life of the platinum layer of the electrodes is extended and the long-term stability of the generated hydrogen is guaranteed.

The rapid generation of high concentration hydrogen water is up to 20-30% higher than that of other brands, achieving 0.8-1ppm in 3 minutes. Watch the electrolysis process as it happens through the bottle window, where you can see tiny bubbles rapidly rising as the water is electrolysed, illuminated by a blue LED light in the bottom of the bottle.

Chlorine & Ozone Free Water

The replaceable cartridge filter located in the top of the bottle, comprised of calcium sulphite and activated carbon, removes chlorine and ozone from the water without affecting the concentration of hydrogen.

How To Use

Prior to using for the first time, disassemble the three parts of the bottle by unscrewing and remove the filter from the top section. Thoroughly wash the top and middle section of the bottle, and rinse the filter under gently running water. The bottom section of the bottle contains the power components and battery, and should not be placed into water or splashed. This section should be cleaned carefully, ensuring the electrodes are wiped clean.

After the bottle is completely dry, the bottle should be reassembled and charged via the USB cable. During charging, the power button located on the bottom section of the bottle will glow red. Charging time is about 4 hours, and the power light will turn off once charging is complete. Hydrogen water can be generated 20 times from a fully charged battery. Hydrogen water can be made while the bottle is plugged in to charge.

Once charged, fill the bottle to the indicator (roughly 350ml) and close the cap. A two-stage power button prevents accidental activation of the bottle. First, press and hold the power button for 0.5 second until the power light glows blue. The cartridge indicator will also light up green. Press the power button once more and the power light will glow white, indicating that the electrolysis process has begun. The blue internal LED will also turn on. To cancel the electrolysis process, press and hold the power button for 2 seconds.

When the electrolysis process is finished and your hydrogen water is ready to drink, both the power light and the internal light turn off. Just like carbonated water, hydrogenated water does go flat over time, so in order to get the highest concentration of hydrogen from your water, it’s best to drink it as soon as possible.

When the cartridge indicator light begins to flash, the filter cartridge has roughly 40 uses left before it needs to be replaced. Once the cartridge indicator light turns red, the filter cartridge must be replaced.

Dimensions 6.8 × 8.5 × 23 cm
Net Weight




Dissolved Hydrogen Concentration

800 ~ 1,000ppb (depending upon water quality)

H2 Generation Time

3 minutes

Charging Time

4 hours

Uses per Charge

Up to 20



Charging Voltage

DC 5V / 500mA


240V, 50 Hz

Operating Temperature

5 ~ 30°C

Electrode Material

Titanium Platinum

Electrode Area

128.38 square cm



Country of Manufacture



Maxell, Ltd.

Included Accessories

USB Charging Cable, Replacement Filter

About the Company

Buder Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. was founded on integrity in 1970. For more than 46 years, Buder has been continuously developing their products and, with excellent customer service and superior quality, has become a professional water dispenser manufacturer.

Buder products have been exported to more than 40 countries, such as UK, USA, and Australia.

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Dimensions6.8 × 8.5 × 23 cm
Country of ManufactureJapan
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