Air Still Pro Complete Distillery Kit - Still Spirits

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Excludes Grolsch style glass bottles and some bulky items.

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Air Still Pro Complete Distillery Kit - Still Spirits
Air Still Pro Complete Distillery Kit - Still Spirits

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    Meet the Revolutionary Air Still Pro

    Easy to Use. Full of Advanced Features.

    Whether you're a keen beginner or an expert distiller, the Air Still Pro is the ideal distillery setup for producing small batches of high quality light or dark spirits. With its 2-in-1 reflux and pot still modes, integrated foreshots collection vessel and enhanced safety features, crafting your favourite style of spirit has never been easier.

    Get creative, experiment, or perfect your technique.

    Make vodka or other neutral spirits

    Choose reflux mode and create exceptionally clean and pure neutral spirits at up to 90% ABV (alcohol by volume). After reflux distilling is complete, the unit will automatically shut off, and the distillate will be ready for diluting and flavouring.

    Craft flavoursome spirits such as Whiskey, Rum, or Gin

    Choose pot still mode and produce artisan spirits up to 80% ABV (alcohol by volume). Use the botanical basket to perfect your favourite style of gin.

    Cool Efficiencies

    Air-cooled pot and reflux still

    An efficient, built in fan blows air over the coils to cool and condense the vapour into liquid.

    No separate water source is required.

    Improved Safety. Innovative Enhancements.

    Automatic foreshots collection

    The integrated vial captures the first 30 ml of foreshots, which are easily discarded.

    • Improves safety.
    • Removes extra steps, saving you time and hassle.

    Automatic shutdown

    As an additional safety measure, the Air Still Pro automatically turns off if the temperature gets too hot.

    Compatible Head Unit. Upgrade your Air Still

    The Air Still Pro Head Unit Fits the existing Still Spirits Air Still Boiler

    Get all the benefits of the Air Still Pro and eliminate the need to purchase the full Air Still Pro system. The Air Still Pro Head Unit is sold separately.

    The Air Still Pro Complete Distillery Kit includes the equipment and ingredients to craft high-quality light and dark spirits, plus the Still Spirits Air Still Pro Table-Top Distillation System.

    Still Spirits Air Still Pro

    The Air Still Pro is a small-batch, 2-in-1 distillation system that allows you to craft high quality light and dark spirits. With a multi-purpose condenser and interchangeable distillation tips, the Air Still Pro enables you to produce clean, neutral spirits at up to 90% ABV in reflux mode, and flavoursome and botanical-infused spirits at up to 80% ABV in the pot still mode.

    Air Still Essentials Distillation Kit

    Everything to prepare and ferment your wash, collect distillate, dilute, filter, and flavour your neutral spirit with a selection of Top Shelf Flavourings.


    • Capacity: 4L (1 US Gal)
    • Yield: 2.25 L (2.4 US qt) of 40% ABV alcohol per 8L (2.1 US Gal) wash
    • Pot Still mode: Distills at 80% ABV (160 US proof) before diluting to 40% ABV (80 US proof)
    • Reflux Still mode: Distills at 90% ABV (180 US proof) before diluting to 40% ABV (80 US proof)
    • Dimensions: 42cm (h) x 23cm (w) x 36cm (d)
    • Weight: 5.6 kgs
    • Power: 220v (110 US Only)
    • Warranty: 3 years

    Included in the Air Still Pro box:

    • Air Still Pro Head Unit with a pre-packed reflux column
    • Air Still Pro Boiler and power cable
    • Botanical basket
    • 2 x glass foreshots collection vials
    • Easy-swap distillation tips for reflux and pot still modes
    • Distillation tip spanner
    • Starter guide

    Included in the Air Still Essentials Distillation Kit box:


    • 12 L (3.2 US Gal) Fermenter with Stick-On Thermometer
    • Carbon Filter & Collection System
    • Mixing Spoon
    • Ceramic Boil Enhancers
    • Hydrometer
    • Alcometer and Test Tube

    Wash Ingredients & Consumables

    • 1 x sachet Pure Turbo Yeast Nutrient (78g)
    • 1 x sachet Turbo Clear (65g)
    • 1 x sachet Turbo Carbon (54g)
    • 1 x sachet Pure Turbo Yeast (10g)
    • 2 x 1.2 kg Dextrose
    • 50 ml (1.7 US fl oz) Distilling Conditioner
    • 3 x 50 ml (1.7 US fl oz) Top Shelf Flavourings
    About the Company

    Still Spirits is the recognised world leader in still technology, distilling products and spirit essences. With Still Spirits products you can easily make low cost alcohol and turn it into delicious, full flavoured, authentic replications of far more expensive spirits and liqueurs.

    Still Spirits - the world leader in still technology, distilling products and spirit essences.

    Still Spirits sprung from a small homebrew store in Wellington, New Zealand in the early 1990s. Since then it has grown both its name and the range of products produced, to be the world leader in still technology, distilling products and spirit essences. And we are proud that so many people all over the world love using our products.

    With our recipes and ingredients you can reproduce just about any alcohol based drink you want, your way. You can also modify alcohol content, and add additional aromas and taste traits as well.

    It's not rocket science, just a fun and easy way to make the drinks you enjoy, at a price you can afford. What's more, if you follow the easy recipe guidelines and use the right flavour sachets mixed into your spirit base, the drink you make will taste so good your friends will find it hard to believe you made them yourself!

    The Still Spirits team of scientists, lab technicians and product development specialists ensure we only produce quality products and excellent ingredients, and are always finding new ways to improve the distilling process for you at home.

    So for smooth and flavoursome spirits that really deliver and liqueurs that truly tempt your taste buds, get into Still Spirits and make them yourself! 

    Still Spirits support the safe and responsible use of alcohol.

    Still Spirits is a responsible provider of spirit making products, and is committed to public safety and the responsible use of alcohol. Still Spirits also supports the observance of laws in regards to the home distillation of alcohol and the minimum drinking age in your country.

    For best results, and for the sake of your health, Still Spirits recommends that you do not drink spirit at more than 40% alcohol by volume.

    Note: If you consume alcohol over 60% by volume, alcohol poisoning will occur, leading to death or serious permanent injury.

    You must have a licence to distil alcohol in many countries, including Australia. In Australia you may own a 5L still if you are only using it for distilling water or essential oils. You may not own a still with a capacity of greater than 5L without having a licence. Please check your local laws before purchasing.

    In most countries it is illegal for an individual to use a still for the purpose of making your own pure alcohol. Yet it's not against the law to own a water distillation unit or a simple air-still, (under 5L in Australia) and many people already use these devices to distill water or to make essential oils.

    We advise that the use of any product listed on this website for the distillation of spirit in Australia is unlawful. The distillation units listed on this website can be used in Australia only for the purpose of distilling water and essential oils or other similar purposes.

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