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Sunset at Nature's Wonderland

Nature's Wonderland is proudly 100% family owned and operated, having grown to become a thriving store based on the foundations of offering quality products, insightful information and great service.

Nature's Wonderland has enjoyed wonderful success, both in bricks and mortar as well as online, during many years of growth. From a single store in Victoria in 1996 to online since 1999, we have built up an excellent reputation with a diverse, high quality and sought after product portfolio, with only the most superior, top-quality brand name merchandise available.

Our Core Values

At Nature's Wonderland, our mission is simple, and we follow it passionately: Customer Service. The online market is all too often a cold shopping atmosphere — lacking life, friendliness, and one-on-one interaction. Our mission is to provide not only the best health and wellness products, but to also provide the best service and information possible.

We pride ourselves on offering personal, friendly customer service, both over email and the phone — presales and aftersales —, so you know you aren't just receiving computer-generated responses. Our business is not just another shop on a screen. We provide customers with expert knowledge, in-depth information and help in the form of extensive online content, as well as personal interaction.

Nature's Wonderland has grown and flourished by following this outlook. We are always willing to lend a helping hand — whether that be giving out interesting information or by helping you to select the perfect product for your needs.

Ducklings at Nature's Wonderland

New sellers venture online regularly, and many of the people who are setting up have little or no experience in retailing.
These new and naive store owners usually don't have much product knowledge, if any at all, and they are not there to offer any customer service — they just want to turn a quick dollar. How many sites have you visited in which you are not able to contact the store owner?

But, unlike other retailers selling similar products, we base our whole business on our personal lifestyle — we Walk our Walk and Talk our Talk!

Living in a healthy and sustainable manner is something for which we have always strived. We particularly chose to live in a rural location, and it is a perfect environment from which to operate our business, which we have been doing from our current location since 2003. We have used the majority of the items we sell, so we are able to speak from first-hand experience when we answer any of our clients' questions. We only sell items in which we feel confident — we do not sell anything at all for the sake of selling. Yes, we are retailers, but then every person needs to create an income to survive. We maintain that the difference that sets us apart from other retailers is that we meld our business into our way of life as much as possible. In the words of Thomas Gray's poem — we exist Far from the Madding Crowd!

Join us in our pursuit and discover a new way of life.


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