So what is Nature's Wonderland's animal mascot?

Well, he's a Bilby — one with lots of personality!

What's a bilby, you ask?

Greater Bilby. Photo: Save The Bilby Fund

The bilby is an Australian species of nocturnal omnivorous marsupial. The meaning of the word in an Aboriginal language is "long nosed rat". It is also referred to as the dalgyte or pinkie and occasionally the rabbit-eared bandicoot. The Greater Bilby lives in arid areas of Central Australia and is an important part of traditional indigenous culture in the deserts of Central Australia. The large rabbit like ears of the Greater Bilby have also made it a popular native alternative to the Easter Bunny, known as the Easter Bilby.

National Bilby Day is held in Australia on the 2nd Sunday in September to raise funds for conservation projects.

To find out more about saving the bilby, visit the Save the Bilby Fund website:

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