Steiff for Children

Teddy bears for Children

For wonderful friendships which begin on four paws.

Good day! The Steiff Teddy bears introduce themselves, and look forward to making their way to their new little owners. Lara and Luis are quite excited about which children’s room they are going to move into. The lively bears can hardly keep their arms and legs still because of their excitement. The Steiff Bobby Teddy bears take a curious look around with their big bear eyes and think about what wild adventures they will soon be having with their children. The Elmar and Petsy Teddy bears are already telling each other stories about how they would like their new homes to look. And the Teddy bears Charly, Fynn and Lotte, have already packed their suitcases with all their belongings: ready for the great journey to their children. Finally, all the enchanting, cuddly soft Steiff bears raise their paws in greeting, wave their Steiff home in Giengen goodbye for the last time—and open up their arms in a hearty hug for their new little owners.

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