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Miracles are Made Holistic Healing

CLUB VERDIGRIS Eco Retreat, Healing Centre and Workshop Studio
is a sustainable Eco venue

We offer fabulous workshops held in beautiful, relaxing rural surroundings in S E Qld.
Our events are designed to not only be an opportunity to learn, but also as an occasion to build a community network of like-minded people who can inspire and support one another in their quest for sustainable choices and a simpler way of living – we look forward to your company.
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MIRACLES are MADE - for Mind, Body, Spirit

Healthy Juicing Workshops

We are rurally located in S E Qld, an hour or so west of Brisbane, in the picturesque Brisbane Valley.
Our Workshops are held on our 40 acre rural property, so it is a fabulous opportunity to get away from the city bustle.

We offer a pleasurable environment for those who seek to relax and unwind, heal themselves, or study in one of our fabulous workshops - all held in beautiful, natural rural surroundings in S E Qld.

~ If you are seeking to Heal - maybe from Cancer, emotional situations, or perhaps from some dietary problems - we offer the very best in facilities, and our service is second to none, devoting our full attention to you in a friendly and personalised manner.
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~ If you need help sorting out your personal and/or professional problems, we offer our services as a Mentor — a new kind of advisor who will strategise with you in weekly sessions (or other, by request and need) held on the phone, in person and/or via e-mail.
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~ Are you a Trauma Survivor? ‘Counselling’ is a term that can be a little off-putting, and can turn the trauma victim inwards, making them shun any assistance simply because of the manner in which the process is often handled. What we offer is a place of escape and safety – solitude if desired, or support and companionship if preferred. We offer support and guidance that comes from direct experience of having personally endured trauma, so we don’t offer ‘text book’ solutions – instead we offer you a place where you can come to feel safe and supported whilst you mend your emotional wounds.
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We believe all forms of creativity, and particularly the pursuit of art and writing, is a universal language that heals. If everyone could spend more time in Nature and create a little more, we are sure the world would be a better place. Browse some aspects of our healing environment that encourage and assist with these important areas of life.

Background -
Most of our friends and clients know of us because we have been selling Healthy Living Kitchen Tools for a great many years now – but our origins actually lie in many other areas. We diverted into the ‘healthy body’ arena specifically because we wanted to both ‘talk our walk’ as well as ‘walk our talk’ – meaning that as a family we moved more into a self sustaining lifestyle and hence we decided that it was an excellent business move for us to amalgamate the two areas of our lives – selling what we lived.
This has proven to be very successful for us and we have been doing so here in S E Qld since 2002, predominantly in an online capacity, due to our rural location.

Everything always changes though, and to remain both nourished in mind and successful in business it is imperative to keep moving with the flow and not stagnate. Education is a definite must for every single person on earth, because without learning we never grow – and without growth, we stagnate. We are a team of 5 people, with Mikayla (this is me writing) being the mentor. As a trained teacher, I have always loved both learning and teaching, although I left the formal education classroom many years ago now. The time has now come to move back into the field of education though, and over the years we have been gradually setting up suitable facilities to enable us to be a lot more diverse.

Here are some of the topics we cover - full details on times and fees can be seen here:

* Food & Nutrition
* Health & Wellness
* Writing (are you a budding author?)
* All things Metaphysical
* Mind, Body, Spirit
* Nature
* Sustainable Living
* Hobby Farming
* Art & Craft
* … plus many others!

If you are looking for some fabulous workshops held in beautiful, relaxing surroundings –  we really look forward to hearing from you.

Alternatively , if you are already running your own classes or workshops and would love to offer a beautiful rural venue to your students, again, we would love to hear from you so that we can meld you into our Schedule.
Ring us on 1800 044 722 and we can give you all of the details

Workshop Gardens at Club Verdigris   Sunset over lake at Peregrine Park


Aventurine Crystal in Japanese inspired garden   HOLISTIC HEALING of Mind, Body & Spirit

We have created a concept that projects a Way of Life - how we envisage that people SHOULD be living ..... no hustle-bustle, no smog - instead clean, clear country air that is fresh and great for your Good Health! We encourage and recommend a Sustainable way of life. Environment is as important to a person's well being as is Good Food, Water and Air.  It is absolutely inspiring to immerse yourself in natural surroundings to really get the creative juices flowing inside you!

Our property is located only about a kilometre from the small township of Toogoolawah. On driving into the property, one crosses a small bridge, under which runs a creek during the wet season. The buildings are set about 300 metres back from the road, so you will be travelling up a gentle slope until you reach the car park. For the safety of all, we have fenced off the workshop area from our menagerie of animals, but they will still be visible as you drive in. As you walk from the car park across to the buildings, you will meander through a Japanese-Styled Garden, crossing a bridge and making your way into the building.


70 Baisdens Lane, Toogoolawah, S E Qld

To visit us, contact us either by 'phone (1800 044 421 10am-6pm) or else send us an email.



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