The Prince - Whole House Filter by The Original Water Filters


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The Prince - Whole House Filter by The Original Water Filters


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Original Water Filters
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The Prince is sufficient for a small house with a pump providing less than 50 litres/minute.

The Original Water Filters use state-of-the-art water filtration technologies that remove dangerous chemicals and kill micro-organisms at the point of delivery. They offer a series of whole house water filters designed to remove chlorine, chloramines, chlorine by-products, heavy metals, pesticides and a wide range of other water contaminants from your water supply.

Their systems will purify and make your town/rural water supply (dam/bore/creek/rain water/lake) safe to drink, bathe in and water your veggies.


  • 3 Stage Filtration Housings 10" Big Blue NSF Class 42
  • 3 Filters: 5 Micron Pleated, 5 Micron 100% Coconut Carbon Block, 1 Micron Polypropylene
  • 3 Pressure Gauges To Indicate Loss Of Pressure For Filter Change
  • Water Proof Mounting Board And Outer Alu Case For External Installation Weather Proofing
  • All Stainless Steel 304 Fittings 1" Size (25mm) BSP
  • UV Chamber in 304 Stainless Steel in Seamless Weld
  • Alarm For Lamp Failure, LED and Sound
  • Electronic Ballast With Led Lamp Life Counter Display
  • UV Chamber Airlock Release
  • AS/NZ Standard Water Mark Valves 1" FBSP

The UV Steriliser has a lamp power of 41W and the UVC output is rated at 40,000nJ/cm². In addition, a flow control valve can be installed in order to regulate the water flow and pressure.

These units can be situated internally or externally, as they are fully water proof. The system comes complete with 3 different stage filters and a powerful 41 watt UV sterilising light that has a 550 day life, to safeguard against water born diseases like bacteria, E. coli, Giardia and Crypto. The unit has an audible alarm in case of lamp failure. Flow rates of up to 50L/min. are sterilised at a strong UVC output of 40mJ/cm².

Original systems are designed for simplicity:

Stage 1: Bolt to the wall | Stage 2: Connect the water | Stage 3: Connect to the electricity | The system is now ready to use.

Water is essential to life. And while the earth's water resources are abundant, safe water for drinking, cooking, and household use is a major concern. The Original Group offers a series of whole house water filters designed to remove chlorine, chloramines, chlorine by-products, and a wide range of other water contaminants from your water supply.

In keeping true with their goal to help improve your wellness, they take a comprehensive approach in providing a series of water filtration systems that are very affordable, technically advanced and user friendly. They are committed to providing the best customer service and the highest quality products that you can trust and rely on.

With the Original Group, you enjoy the confidence of knowing that you are using the very best water filtration products available. While water quality is a complex issue, the solution is simple. With a focus on residential and commercial water treatment markets, the Original Group filter products remove contaminants from the water, providing clean, safe drinking water and protecting and extending the life of household appliances and equipment.

Each unit, manufactured in New Zealand, uses filters and long-life UV lamps made in USA, and German electronic ballast. The rest is made in New Zealand to international certification standard ISO9001, assuring you of high grade stainless steel and construction. Once installed, the Original Water Filtration System gives you easy access to clean, healthy, great-tasting water, worry-free service and maintenance.

Turn to the Original Group Water Filters for peace of mind concerning the quality of your water.

Using Innovative Strategies
The Original Water Filters use state-of-the-art water filtration technologies that remove dangerous chemicals and kill micro-organisms at the point of delivery. We offer a series of whole house water filters designed to remove chlorine, chloramines, chlorine by-products, heavy metals, pesticides and a wide range of other water contaminants from your water supply. Which Original ultraviolet (UV) water filter is best for you is determined largely by the level of contamination and the maximum flow rate required.

As water flows through the UV system, the UV light instantly disinfects water, making it safe to drink. The system uses a UV light source (lamp) which is enclosed in a protective transparent sleeve (quartz). The lamp is mounted such that water passing through a flow chamber is exposed to the UV light rays. When harmful microbes are exposed to the UV rays, their nucleic acid absorbs the UV energy, which then scrambles the DNA structure of the organism. The cell is rendered sterile and can no longer reproduce. The cell is considered dead and is no longer a threat.

The Original Water Filter systems come with three separate filters so that your water quality provides peace of mind for you. 5 micron and 1 micron polypropylene filter cartridges use the entire depth of their media by trapping the largest sediment particles on the outside of the filter, then gradually stepping down the size of particles they will reject as the water moves closer to the UV light. Carbon block 5 micron filter cartridges are made with 100% coconut shell-based carbon that creates what many believe to be sweeter tasting water. The unique structure of this carbon 5 micron filter is well-suited for chemical absorption, including VOCs, while reducing chlorine and chemicals that contribute to the water's taste and odor

Advantages of the Ultraviolet Water Filtration Method
Highly Effective: For over 25 years, UV technology has been trusted as a safe, cost-effective way to purify water and eliminate harmful microorganisms. It is a proven technology that is currently being used by thousands of cities, bottled water manufacturers and homeowners around the world.

Chemical Free: UV provides water purification without the addition of harmful chemicals such as chlorine. It also avoids the potential of generating harmful chemical disinfection by products.

Taste & Odour Free: UV does not change the taste, odour or color of the water.

More Effective than Chlorine: Unlike chlorine, UV systems are effective against both Cryptosporidium and Giardia.

Compact and Easy to Maintain: UV systems are capable of treating a single faucet or an entire home in a minimal amount of space with the only maintenance being periodic lamp and filter replacements.

The Original UV Systems are designed to keep installation simple and easy, allowing you to quickly enjoy the benefits of filtered water.


  • Filter housings, NSF standard 42 certified. Rated for pressures to 125 PSI.
  • 41W UV lamp with an extra long life, now rated at 13,000 hours (about 18 months), lasting longer and stronger than most other UV lamp.
  • A German electronic ballast with Pre-Heat Start System, which ensures trouble free operation for many years.
  • The ballast has a counter, red and green LEDs and a built-in siren.
  • UV chamber airlock release made of 304 stainless steel.
  • 3-stage pre-filter system: A high quality pleated washable, reusable 5 micron sediment filter; carbon block filter; and a 1 micron poly propylene filter.

The Original UV system is supplied fully assembled for easy installation and maintenance with a waterproof aluminum cover box.


1. Does a UV light consume a lot of energy?
No, a UV system consumes only 40-95 watts, depending upon the model. This is less than a heated towel rail.

2. Is the UV light exposed directly to the water?
Yes and no. The rays are exposed, the bulb is not. The UV light is in the center of the filter, surrounded by a clear quartz sleeve. The bulb is protected by this sleeve. The sleeve is exposed directly to the water. The best way to penetrate water with the UV light is to expose outward radiants into the water and the UV rays penetrate the water to kill microorganisms.

3. What is the Quartz Sleeve?
The Quartz Sleeve serves three purposes: 1) to isolate the lamp from the water so the electrical contacts are not shorted out by the water, 2) to create a thermal barrier allowing the lamp to maintain its ideal operating temperature, and 3) to allow maximum transmission of the UV energy into the water.

4. How is the Quartz Sleeve cleaned and how often should it be cleaned?
The quartz sleeve does not need replacement unless it gets broken, however, it should be cleaned several times per year (outside only).

5. How often should the UV lamp be changed?
The UV light is designed to operate for 18 months under continuous operation. The lamp performance will slowly diminish over time, therefore the lamp should be changed after 18 months to guarantee the UV light available is sufficient enough to kill micro-organisms.

To help remind you when to replace the lamp, the Original UV systems have a built-in alarm feature that signals end of lamp life by a day counter, flashing red LED and an intermittent beep.

6. Does UV purification make the water taste better?
The UV energy entering the water has no effect on the taste and odour of the water. The Original Water Filter Systems come with high quality 100% coconut carbon block filters, ideal for taste and odour removal.

7. How long should the filter(s) last?
Filters normally last up to 12 months depending on the quality of the water. With Original UV systems, you will immediately know when to change filters. You can clean your first filter several times under running water before you have to replace it. The second and third filter should be changed once every 30,000 litres (about six months). These filters should be changed when you notice a drop in pressure, as indicated by the pressure gauges on top of the filter housings or after visual inspections. It takes less than five minutes to change the filters.

8. Do carbon filters breed bacteria?
Bacteria can survive within a carbon filter during periods of inactivity. However, the Original Water Filter system use ultraviolet light to treat this water additionally without the use of chemicals after it leaves the carbon filter.

9. How much does it cost to install the system?
Depending on the location, the installation costs are usually around $300.

10. Can I install the Original Water Filter myself?
Yes. Easy-to-follow installation manual is included with your UV Filtration system, however, we do advise you to have it checked and signed off by a registered master plumber.

11. How long does it take to install?
It takes between 1.5 and 3 hours to install the system, depending where the pump/water supply is and the power are located.

12. How many volts does the UV system need?
It needs 240V, because it has the UV lamp that kills up to 99.99% of bacteria, viruses, and protozoan cysts.

13. Can I install the system outdoors?
Yes. Original Filter systems are designed to be installed outdoors or indoors.

14. What is the best place to install the system?
The best place to install is near the central water line going into your house. It can be installed by the water tank, on the external wall of the house, under the house or in a garage.

15. How long should the whole UV system last?
Depending on where it is situated, it should last at least 20 years.

UV Lamp Wattage:
UV Sterilization Output Capacity in nJ: 40,000
Sterilisation Capacity in Litres/Min. Max. Flow Rate: 50
UV Lamp Life: 550 days
Approx. Weight: 31kg
Max Operating Pressure: 80 PSI
Dimensions: 1040mm x 515mm x 240mm

Standard Compliance and Certifications
ISO 9001/2
AS/NZ 4020
AS/NZ 3112
SCN Z1277

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