• Never got to use the bottle because when I washed and sterilized the bottle with very hot water the bottom cracked right off!


    Hello Adam

    I'm sorry to hear the bottle cracked when you washed it, however this is standard when glass and hot water come together. A quick search for a proper explanation brought me to Wiki Answers:

    "Why does glass crack when hot water is poured on to it?
    When heat is applied to something, it tends to expand. When you pour hot water into something made out of glass, only the inside dilates, and the outside doesn't, since its temperature is cooler. If the insides enlarges but the outside doesn't, it cracks. For this reason thick glass is more likely to crack, and thinner glass is less likely.

    Also, the bottom of the glass could expand, while the top doesn't (if the hot water goes straight to the bottom). In any case, the temperature is higher in one part of the glass and lower in another, so one part expands and another stays the same size.

    Additional info is here:


    With this in mind, it's likely what happened to your bottle when you poured the water in. The glass of these Aquasana bottles is particularly thick, so, as per the above information, it's much more likely to break when hot water goes in.

    Considering the circumstances, we're not able to offer you a replacement.


    from the Nature's Wonderland Team

    Adam W



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