Molkosan Fruit Digestion (Fermented Milk Whey) - A. Vogel


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Molkosan Fruit Digestion (Fermented Milk Whey) - A. Vogel

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Sadly, this product has been discontinued by the Australian supplier

It's new, it's tasty and it's good for your digestion!

The latest member of the Molkosan® family, Molkosan Fruit is a drink concentrate that offers a tasty way to support healthy digestion. Enhancing the original formula of Molkosan, which is made from 100% natural fermented whey and rich in L+ lactic acid, Molkosan Fruit puts a juicy new twist on an old favourite.

As well as the added benefit of calcium, Molkosan Fruit is further enriched and naturally sweetened with delicious aronia berry and pomegranate juices, which are crammed full of antioxidants, as well as stevia, for a unique, refreshing and fruity flavour.

Molkosan® is one of Alfred Vogel's original remedies. He understood the benefits of taking whey, and developed Molkosan to make it simple for everyone to have access to the benefits of whey's L+ on a daily basis. Milk used to make Molkosan is organically produced from cows grazing on meadows in the Swiss Alps, which benefit from the gentle Swiss summers and brisk snowy winters.

Maintaining the proper balance of gut bacteria helps maintain digestive comfort and a feeling of well-being. Molkosan Fruit is an alkalinising lacto-fermented whey tonic, full of L+ lactic acid and calcium, which contributes to the normal function of digestive enzymes and promotes a gentle daily cleansing of the digestive tract.

Who can't take Molkosan Fruit?
Molkosan Fruit is free from genetically modified organisms or ingredients, lactose, milk protein, yeast, gluten, preservatives and flavour enhancers and is low in calories.

How long can I use Molkosan Fruit for?
Molkosan Fruit can be used frequently and there is no restriction on the long term use.

Can I take Molkosan Fruit whilst pregnant or breast-feeding?
This is not recommended unless directed by a healthcare professional.

What is L+ lactic acid?
L+ lactic acid is the substance produced by lactic acid bacteria in the human gut. L+ keeps the acidity of your gut at the right level and acts as a prebiotic by allowing good gut bacteria to thrive, encouraging their growth.

The better your levels of L+, the better able you will be to support a healthy population of good gut bacteria, which in turn promotes efficient digestion. Unfriendly bacteria don't like L+ and can't survive in a gut full of healthy, L+ supported good bacteria.

How to use:

  1. Shake bottle well before use
  2. Add 20ml to a glass of cold spring or mineral water
  3. Drink daily, at least 7 days in a row
  4. Can be used frequently

Keep Molkosan Fruit in the fridge after opening and use within 2 months.

Concentrated whey, fermented, from Swiss milk, rich in positive lactic acid L(+), fruit juice from concentrates (aroniaberry, pomegranate) 26%, calcium lactate, natural flavours, potassium citrate, malic acid, sweetener (steviol glycoside).

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