• For two pieces of plastic that were scuffed and dirty on arrival and looked like they had come from an under-loved part of a warehouse then shoved into the post bag without instructions or other packaging, I was pretty underwhelmed by the product and $34 price. My daughter who had been looking for a tofu press for a while, and received this as part of her birthday present was also unimpressed as there was no mechanism for actual pressing the tofu and an external weight was needed to make the press effective.

    All round disappointing.



    Hello Dave

    First, thanks so much for spending the time to share your thoughts.

    I'm very sorry to hear the tofu press has not lived up to your expectations. I cannot understand how the press was scuffed or dirty, but I do sincerely apologise that this was the case.

    Unfortunately, these tofu presses do not have any instructions with them, hence the fact nothing was included.

    In regard to the fact that there is no pressing mechanism... Please understand this is not advertised as having any springs or tension adjustments, since it is a traditionally basic press, more designed for soft tofu than firm. Firm tofu can certainly be made using this press, however, as you know, extra weight is needed to do so. The usual method used with this type of press is simply to press down with your hand, with as much pressure as needed to achieve the desired firmness. Finally, the recommended retail price is not set by us, but do keep in mind that you can easily pay double for a press with tension adjustments.

    Once more, I apologise that you were not entirely satisfied with this press, but hope that you will be able to enjoy home-made tofu all the same.

    Best regards,

    from the Nature's Wonderland Team

    David G



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