Purchase Plans

A Purchase Plan can provide you with a convenient way to acquire products from the Nature's Wonderland range. Bundle together the equipment and accessories you desire into affordable monthly repayments, helping to preserve cash for other opportunities.

Simply choose your selection of items from the Nature's Wonderland portfolio.

Select financing as your payment type during checkout and submit your order online.

Complete a FlexiRent or Once application by calling now or applying online.


Why wait to buy? Rent it now.

Easily manage your budget
Tailor the term to suit your budget

Avoid big upfront costs. Make monthly rental payments to use the technology you want, now.

Hassle-free bundles
Multiple products, one payment

Bundle items into one rental agreement or add more to your existing agreement for one easy to manage account.

How it works
It's like when you rent a house, except at the end of the agreed term you have loads more options. Easy.

Step 1:

Choose the goods you want from a FlexiRent retailer.

Step 2:

Apply for approval online or over the phone.

Step 3:

Sign the paperwork. Wait for your goods to arrive.

For more information visit www.flexirent.com.au or phone 1800 240 102.

Calculate repayments here.

Once Credit

Why wait when you can buy it now, with generous Interest Free terms?

Seen a big ticket item that's perfect for your place but don't want to pay for it up front or pay high interest rates on your current credit card? With a Once account you don't have to. You can live a better lifestyle right now with generous Interest Free terms.

Online or over the phone, with a quick response.

Use it anywhere and everywhere that Visa is accepted, online and off.

Get 6 months Interest Free on every card purchase you make of $250 or more on the Once Agile card. And up to 55 days Interest Free on card purchases under $250.

Your Once account with 24x7 online access and monthly account statements.

You can use your Once Visa card anywhere else, worldwide, wherever VISA is accepted, and still buy what you want now - with Once Interest Free terms. Dip your card in the terminal or Wave & Go, with payWave, for those quick purchases less than $100.

For more information visit www.onceonline.com.au or phone 13 ONCE.

Calculate repayments here.


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