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Would you ♥ LOVE ♥ your own business working with SUSTAINABILITY and everything NATURAL?

are being sought by us here at Nature's Wonderland
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What about YOU taking over the reins?

Have you always hankered after running your own operation in an industry you adore?

Nature’s Wonderland is offering you this opportunity to work for yourself in a business that offers fun, freedom and flexibility.

We have been in the retail game now for over 30 years and have decided that we are ready to move on to something different.
The reason we are asking for EOI rather than an outright sale offer is because we have multiple aspects to our business ventures and we thought by putting them all onto the table we can glean interest - or alternatively, we shall offer each individual aspect separately.

Nature's WoNature's Wonderland 1996nderland was first established in Victoria in April 1996, so it is a very long standing, strongly established business, having been continuously operating now for 22 years. Shifting to our current location in S E Qld in 2002, we continued on, focusing on varying new areas, but always connected to nature, health, Eco living and sustainability

What we have built up has been a way of life for our family. All that we have been doing and selling for all these years has been lived by us to the fullest. We only introduce into our portfolio those products with which we are truly connected - in other words, we do not sell for the sake of selling --- we sell products in which we totally believe, and that we feel confident will be of a healthy advantage to our clients.

In addition to our retail business, we have also established a small Accommodation Retreat - Club Verdigris. Having had a continuous flow of clients to our property over the years, all remarking on what beautiful views and calming atmosphere the property has, we decided to offer this beauty to guests. The Retreat consists of 3 self-contained small Villas. There are also other rooms in these buildings that we currently use as:
1. a central Guest Lounge and Dining area, The Imaginarium,
2. a small commercial kitchen and
3. a packing room in which we do up our Nature's Wonderland orders.


Nature's Wonderland propertyLastly of course, there is the property itself - a 16.2 hectare (40 acre) slice of paradise, as we like to call it. Since 2012 we have been registered as both a Land for Wildlife South East Queensland property and also a Wildlife Land Trust Australia Sanctuary. Over the 16 years of our residence on this property we have devoted our goals to beautifying and enhancing the property to bring it back to what it was before farms took over. A huge number of plants have now replaced the barren paddocks, and the wildlife we have consequently attracted is wonderful! Birdsong is a part of our daily life, and kangaroos lounge around to be easily seen. Koalas also love the area and we have quite a few residents that can especially be seen around their mating season.


So, what we are putting out to interested folk are all 3 aspects - or perhaps just one of the individual aspects. Of course, Club Verdigris is only available when purchasing the property as well.

If you have an interest in discussing any aspect of what we have on offer, we ask you to submit to us your EOI via email, including your name, contact number and any details you would like to share with us about your interest in our business. We shall then give you a call and we can chat further. Our email is store@natureswonderland.com.au

We would love to hear from you ♥

The Nature's Wonderland Team

P: 1800 044 722 | 10am - 6pm | 7 days
W: https://www.natureswonderland.com.au


On handover, you will receive training and support from the management team, who have been in this industry for over 30 years, so we have gathered a wealth of knowledge that we would love to pass on. You will also have access to a support system for running the website, whereby we offer our ongoing services on a Consultancy basis if required.

You can turn your passion for healthy living and raw nutritonal food into a great lifestyle. Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit ♥


Nature’s Wonderland has the complete Eco Way of Life covered, offering Premium Juicers, Deluxe Dehydrators, health snacks, drinks, and loads more products – to name a very small selection of our portfolio. All walk-in-walk-out and ready to go for you!


You don’t have to personally be on the health path to become involved. Although everything we do is based on HEALTH, WELLNESS and SUSTAINABILITY and so if those areas are your passion, we think you will love to swap places with us!

We are looking for passionate and energetic parties to carry on with our brand, and take it to even greater heights!

If that is you, we look forward to your Contact. Please email us, and we can arrange a time to chat in detail ♥
(We are not answering any queries via telephone in the first instance.)


Have you noticed that more and more people are joining the ‘HEALTH Revolution’?

As greater numbers of people become aware that there are some desperately wrong things happening to the food we eat, many people are now researching what they can do to assist their bodies and prevent them from becoming another ‘ill health’ statistic!

Wanting to heal their bodies from the onslaught over the last decade or so of additives to not only their food, but also their
water, a large number of people are wanting to maximise on the nutrients they give to their bodies and hence are taking up the ‘raw path’.




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