• I am very happy with my juicing machine. It makes the the best juice.
    But I have one question when the machine is turned on, it makes a noise, but when you feed food to be juiced the noise goes is this ok....


    Hello Lili

    First, thanks so much for sending through your review. It's always nice to hear from our clients :)

    In regard to the noise your juicer is making... There shouldn't be any noise from the unit except for a low hum of the motor when it's running and, of course, the noise of food when it's being juiced.

    By the sound of it, the noise you're referring to is coming from the parts, not the motor -- is this correct? If so, make sure that all the parts are slotted together correctly so as to avoid any damage from them moving around and grinding against each other.

    If everything is in place correctly, and you're still getting the noise, perhaps you could get back to me with a couple more details, such as where the noise is coming from, what it sounds like (is it like the parts are grinding?), etc. We can then work from there.


    from the Nature's Wonderland Team

    Lili R



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