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Nature, Health, and Sustainable Living - We sell anything & everything connected to these topics.

BUT, unlike other retailers selling similar products, we base our whole business on our personal lifestyle - we Walk our Walk and Talk our Talk!
Living in a healthy and sustainable manner is something for which we have always strived. We particularly chose to live in a rural location, and it is a perfect environment from which to operate our business, and have been doing so from our current location since 2003. We use the majority of the items we sell in our daily existence, so we are able to speak from first-hand experience when we answer any of our clients' questions. We only sell items in which we feel confident - we do not sell anything at all for the sake of selling. Yes, we are retailers, but then every person needs to create an income to survive. We maintain that the difference that sets us apart from other retailers is that we meld our business into our way of life as much as possible. In the words of Thomas Gray's poem - we exist Far from the Madding Crowd!



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At Nature's Wonderland, our mission is simple, and we follow it passionately: Customer Service.
The online market is all too often a cold shopping atmosphere -- lacking life, friendliness, and one-on-one interaction. Our mission is to provide not only the best health and wellness products, but to also provide the best service and information possible. We also provide the very best in sustainable, organic and health products on the market, looking after our clients' needs in a caring, professional environment whilst offering tips, knowledge and in-depth information on a manner of subjects and products.

We pride ourselves on offering personal, friendly customer service, both over email and the phone -- pre-sales and after-sales -- so you know you aren't just receiving computer-generated responses. Our business is not just another shop on a screen. We provide customers with expert knowledge, in-depth information and help in the form of extensive online content, as well as personal interaction. We are available via 'phone 7 days a week, from 10am-6pm (Qld time - they don't have daylight saving here).

Nature's Wonderland has grown and flourished by following this outlook. We are always willing to lend a helping hand -- whether that be giving out interesting and informative topics, or by helping you over the 'phone to select the perfect product for your needs.

Moving now from 'clicks' to 'bricks and clicks', we are able to help you in more ways than ever.


Nature's Wonderland is a family owned and operated business, the result of years of dedication and innovation by four young siblings. Guided by the wisdom of their mother, they have built a thriving store based on the foundations of offering quality products, insightful information and great service.

Nature's Wonderland has enjoyed wonderful success, both in a bricks and mortar store as well as online, during many years of growth.

From a single store in Warburton, Victoria in 1996 to online since 1999, Nature's Wonderland has built up an excellent reputation with a diverse, high quality and sought after product portfolio, with only the most superior top-quality brand name merchandise available.

Now, reaching new heights, we have opened our first physical store since we left Victoria in the late 1990s where you will be able to see, in person, what we have achieved.

Join us in our pursuit and discover a new way of life.

General Information

Nature's Wonderland prides itself on supplying Australia with the absolute best health and wellness products and have created a range to suit anyone's taste and budget. From a huge variety of kitchen appliances, such as juicers, dehydrators, blenders and sprouters, to natural health care products and many others, there's something for everyone. We believe strongly in choosing only the best in quality and the best for your health, as well as providing detailed information along with friendly customer service.

The focus of the Nature's Wonderland business has always been geared towards a Natural, Sustainable existence, in harmony with all that Nature provides.

We commenced our business as a Gallery in Warburton, Victoria and at that stage Wildlife was our predominance.

As time moved on and the quality of food generally available to the public deteriorated, our personal lifestyle shifted course even further towards keeping as much as possible away from the products that constantly downgraded to being more and more un-natural - the products that we view as potential killers.

Hence came the birth of our Health and Wellness Equipment - Cold-Press Juicers, and all of the other products we sell that allow a person to support and maintain a 'Living Food' lifestyle, and a diet that will keep them full of health and vitality.

An Edible Garden … Permaculture Vegetable Garden

In our modern world, real, fresh food is becoming hard to find. Instead, food is genetically modified and covered in pesticides, amongst a myriad of other unnatural practices, resulting in products that are not only of poor quality, but also taste bad and are damaging for your health and wellbeing.

To combat this problem, here at Nature's Wonderland we have worked to create our own sustainable world of living food. We have not only beautified our property by planting a multitude of trees and bushes, we have also specifically chosen plants that produce food -- a truly edible garden!
A section of the long driveway to the store is dedicated to fruiting trees such as citrus, stone fruit, apples, pears, exotics and more. Other areas include a variety of nut trees such as macadamia, chestnut, pecan, and an ice-cream bean; passionfruit and youngberries grow on the fences; and finally there is the very large vegetable garden!
This 20x30 metre garden is planted with a vast assortment of vegetables, herbs and flowers. Companion planting is implemented -- a gardening technique where different types of crops are intermingled with other plants that benefit each other. This helps various plants in different ways -- scattering herbs throughout deters pests, flowers attract beneficial insects, tall plants protect the smaller plants beneath them, and low-lying spreading plants keep weeds from growing. The result is not only highly attractive, but the plants are rich and healthy, requiring no use of dangerous pesticides or herbicides.

One of the most satisfying things you can do is to watch your very own vegetables and herbs grow and flourish, and to know that you can go out and pick fresh, pure food straight from your own garden!


An Edible Garden
Permaculture Vegetable Garden

View our album here.

Wildlife Preservation

We are also a passionate supporter of animals and the natural environment. As our personal contribution to the local environment and wildlife, we are proud to be the owner of the Wildlife Land Trust's 183rd Australian sanctuary!  In addition, we have been accepted as a member of Land for Wildlife.

Read more about both at the following links:

Built on a 16 hectare (40 acre) rural property in the peaceful countryside of the Brisbane Valley, the setting is lush grassland and trees, filled with a multitude of wildlife, from birds to mammals and insects. The property is a dedicated wildlife sanctuary and home, and it is our intention to continue with plantings and the restructuring of the local environment to further enhance the sanctuary, and to encourage and support the growing populations of wildlife resident on Nature's Wonderland.


Art is also an important part of our business. Nature's Wonderland is proud to support independent artists, and is pleased to be able to showcase the handmade, original artwork and craft of our two resident artists. Art is a vital part of life -- it evokes emotion, it beautifies, it inspires.

Featured here you will often find the artwork of Katinka Thorondor, an artist of amazing skill in the field of animals and fantasy creatures. Her work features rich, deep colours and stunning use of lighting, making her subjects pop with bright contrasts.

Read more about her art at the following links:

Visit her Art Galleries -- CobraVenom at Deviant Art and Art Station

Our other artist is talented in both painting and sculpture. Amongst our content you will find Tamara Thorondor's artwork, showcasing her skill in painting illustrious fantasy images of elves, faeries and magical scenes.
Her other talent, sculpting in polymer clay, has its own display in the Faery Silks section of the store. She has a variety of work including delicately sculpted figurines of animals, dragons and other creatures, along with jewellery, charms and more.

Read more about her art at the following links:

Tamara Thorondor

Visit her Art Galleries -- Ilenora at Deviant Art and Etsy


Handmade Polymer Clay Creations & Sculptures


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