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  • Ordering Basics
    • How do I place an order with Nature's Wonderland?
      Placing an order is easy - simply follow the steps below. Learn more about our payment options.
      1. Find the product/s you want to purchase by either searching for it or using the categories to browse through.
      2. Click on the product name or image to view the product detail page.
      3. On the right-hand side of the page there is an "Add to Cart" button. Click this to place the item in your shopping cart. There may also be "Attributes" to choose from - things such as colour or model can be selected here.
      4. You will be taken to our "Shopping Cart" page, where you can view or edit the contents of your cart. When you're ready to place your order, click the "Checkout" button.
      5. If this is you first order, you will be prompted to create an account with our store.
      6. Follow the instructions on screen to choose your shipping and payment method, as well as discount coupons if you have any. Any comments for your order should be placed in the "Special Instructions or Order Comments" textbox.
      7. Finally, click the "Confirm Order" button and your order will be submitted for processing. You will receive an order confirmation email and the order will be listed under "My Account".
    • How do I delete and/or adjust quantity of an item from my shopping cart?
      To delete an item from your shopping cart, first open the cart by clicking "Shopping Cart" at the top of any page. In the "Qty." column, tick the corresponding box next to the item you wish to delete, or change the number shown in the textbox.

      If updating quantities of multiple products, click the "Update" button below the Shopping Cart contents to refresh the cart with your changes. If you want to delete an item from your shopping cart, you can enter '0' then Update. Alternatively, use the method above.
    • How do I track my order once placed?
      Once your order has been processed for shipping, you will receive an email confirming shipment.

      In the majority of cases, this will also contain a tracking/consignment number that you can use to track your order. Details of the carrier used will be included and you can use the number supplied to see where your parcel/s are on their website.
  • Product Information
    • Do you have a product in stock?
      Products that are out of stock are marked as "Out of Stock" and often have an Expected Time of Arrival.

      If you order a product that was in stock and it is later found to be out of stock, you will be notified as soon as possible.
    • Can you give me more information about a product in your catalogue?
      Yes. Please either contact us via email or call us at 1800 044 722 and one of the team will be happy to assist you in whatever way they can.

      There is also a wealth of information available on each of our products' pages and many also include customer reviews, which can be helpful in providing additional information about an item.
    • Which juicer/dehydrator/water filter etc. is the best?
      We often find we are asked which product in a range is the best choice. This seemingly simple question is actually dependant on you and your needs. What is perfect for one person might be terribly wrong for another. We have products for everyone's different needs, and if you would like help choosing the right product, feel free to get in touch with us -- one of the team will gladly help.

      A few points to consider when making your choice of product are warranties and comparisons that are available on the web, both of which can often be misleading.

      Distributors, by offering long warranties, often give an initial impression that the longer their guarantee, the more reliable their product will be. This is not always the case. The warranty period does not judge how long the item will last. This is especially true for parts, as a lengthy warranty is, more often than not, only offered on the motor, not the parts themselves. It's also important to understand that products are only guaranteed against manufacturing defects and not wear-and-tear. Genuine defects usually appear early in a product's lifespan, so a 20 year guarantee on a motor is beside the point when a distributor can simply say you have worn it out.

      Online comparisons, both in table and video format, can be valuable sources of information, helping one to make the right choice, but some sellers are more concerned with promoting their own products than giving good, solid advice.
    • What is Hard and Soft Water?
      Hard water is water that has high mineral content (in contrast with soft water). Hard water has high concentrations of Calcium and Magnesium. Hard water can pose serious problems in industrial settings, where water hardness is monitored to avoid costly breakdowns in boilers, cooling towers, and other equipment that handle water. In domestic settings, the hardness of water is often indicated by the non-formation of froth when soap or toothpaste is agitated in the water sample. Hard water is generally not harmful to one's health - the World Health Organization (WHO) says, "There does not appear to be any convincing evidence that water hardness causes adverse health effects in humans."

      Analysis of water hardness in major Australian cities by the Australian Water Association shows a range from very soft (Melbourne) to very hard (Adelaide). Total Hardness levels of Calcium Carbonate in ppm are: Canberra: 40; Melbourne: 10 - 26; Sydney: 39.4 - 60.1; Perth: 29 - 226; Brisbane: 100; Adelaide: 134 - 148; Hobart: 5.8 - 34.4; Darwin: 31.
    • How do I get my download?
      Downloads will become available under "My Account" once your payment has been confirmed.

      To access the link to your download, simply follow the steps below.
      1. Log in to your account via the "Log In" button and navigate to the "My Account" page (both links can be found at the top of any page).
      2. Click the "View" button on the corresponding order.
      3. Finally, click the "Download Now" button. You will be prompted to save the file.
  • Changing Orders
    • How do I add another product to my order?
      If you would like to add another item to your order, please email us with the product name you wish to add along with your order number, or alternatively give us a call.

      Please note that you can only add items within 24 hours of placing your order, otherwise an additional postage charge will apply.
    • How do I cancel a product from my order?
      You can cancel products from your order by contacting us via email or telephone. Please include the name of the product you wish to cancel.

      Note: Products which have entered the shipping process cannot be cancelled.
    • How do I change my delivery address?
      If you wish to change your delivery address of an order you have already placed, please contact us via email or telephone.

      Note: Once your order has been dispatched you will be not able to make any changes to your order.

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