• Hello, I loved the super prompt service and the friendly lady I spoke to regarding my dryer sheets, very helpful and informed. I did send an email when I recieved my order due to a packing issue so I will copy what I have already sent below
    Thanks Kylie

    On 4/03/15
    Hello. I have now recieved all of my order .thankyou for prompt service. However I do wish to bring the packing to your attention. I will attach photos of where my excalibur sheets have been stapled thru the postage envelope. I was a little disappointed as they arnt cheap. Just letting you know so it doesn't happen again for other customers.
    Thanks Kylie
    On 12/03/15
    Greetings Kylie

    Following through in regard to the mishap with the sheets you have recently received ...

    Having put the details forward to the supplier, here is their response:

    "Looks like one sheet has come forward and been stapled? Can you confirm its only one sheet for me please?

    When the stock arrives in around 5 weeks time we will replace the stapled sheet/sheets for her.

    So, can you please confirm if it was just the one sheet that was damaged?

    Also, because there is a problem with stocks at present, and our supplier is out of stock for 5 weeks, as they have noted, we are in the awkward position of not being able to replace this sheet for you until the stocks arrive, sometime around mid to late April.

    Apologies about that.

    Sorry this happened and we shall continue to be in touch until the sheet is replaced.

    Please 'phone us if you need any further assistance and if you would like to discuss any other details.
    The 'phone number is 1800 044 722. Our hours are 10 am - 6 pm.

    Warm Regards,

    The Nature's Wonderland Team
    On 15/03/2015
    Wow! Thanks for replacing. Much appreciated. Yes it was only the one sheet.
    On 19/03/15
    Thanks very much Kylie ;)

    I have been waiting to se if we were able to get a firm ETA on the replacement sheet - but all they can tell us is that it will be in the vicinity of mid Aprl.

    We shall have the sheet sent to you at that time.

    Until then

    Warm Regards,

    The Nature's Wonderland Team

    Kylie L



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