• Sorry guys this must be the worst product I have bought from you. It either split the banana in half or squished it. I tried bananas of varying ripeness and found the trusty knife did a better job. Maybe if the blades had been metal it would have worked better. Cheers Dee Sargent


    Hello Dee and thanks for taking the time to review your purchases.

    I'm sorry to hear you're not satisfied with the banana slicer. I agree that using blades in place of the plastic would be a more successful option, however it would also increase the cost substantially.

    The idea of the banana slicer is great -- slicing bananas for can be a tedious task and it's nice to think you could just use something like this product, but I guess there's just too much variation in the fruit when it doesn't use blades.


    from the Nature's Wonderland Team

    Dee S



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