Ceramic Chef's Knife


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Ceramic Chef's Knife

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Ceramic Cookware

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Enjoy the natural taste and smell of food with a Ceramic Kitchen Knife Set

These beautifully crafted ceramic knives make the cutting of fruit, vegetables and boneless meats easy.

The Large Ceramic Chef's Knife has a 15cm blade

No Smell or Taste
The blades on the Ceramic Knives are made from Zirconium oxide, not steel, which means which means no oxidation occurs and maximum nutrients and living enzymes are retained in the food.

With a simple wash under water, all smell from pungent foods such as ginger and garlic are removed from the blade.

Stays Sharper for Longer
Zirconium oxide (which is what the blade is made from), stays sharp for up to 10 times longer than steel blades.

Light Weight
At around half the weight of an equivalent steel knife, repetitive chopping and cutting tasks become much easier. Beneficial for people with wrist and arm injuries or arthritis.

Ergonomically Designed Handle
The handle has been designed for easy use or for use in repetitive food preparation and is made from PLA (polylactic acid), a high quality bio-degradable material derived from corn.

Rust Free
Ceramic is not a metal therefore will not react in contact with acidic foods or water.

Care of your Ceramic Knives

  • Avoid dropping on hard surfaces or floors as blade may chip.
  • Do not use on frozen or hard foods.
  • Use wooden or plastic chopping boards, not marble, ceramic or metal surfaces.
  • For sharpening, take your knife to qualified knife sharpener who has a powered diamond sharpening wheel.

This Ceramic Knife is available in black or white!

A ceramic knife is made out of very hard and tough ceramic, often zirconium dioxide (ZrO2; also known as zirconia). These knives are usually produced by dry pressing zirconia powder and firing them through solid-state sintering. The resultant blade is sharpened by grinding the edges with a diamond-dust-coated grinding wheel. Zirconia ranks 8.5 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, compared to 6 to 6.5 for hardened steel, and 10 for diamond. This very hard edge rarely needs sharpening.

Zirconium oxide is used due to its polymorphism. It exists in three phases: monoclinic, tetragonal, and cubic. Cooling to the monoclinic phase after sintering causes a large volume change, which often causes stress fractures in pure zirconia. Additives such as magnesium, calcium and yttrium are utilised in the manufacture of the knife material to stabilise the high-temperature phases and minimise this volume change. The highest strength and toughness is produced by the addition of 3 mol% yttrium oxide yielding partially stabilised zirconia. This material consists of a mixture of tetragonal and cubic phases with a bending strength of nearly 1200 MPa. Small cracks allow phase transformations to occur, which essentially close the cracks and prevent catastrophic failure, resulting in a relatively tough ceramic material, sometimes known as TTZ (transformation toughened zirconia).

Ceramic knives will not corrode in harsh environments, making them popular with scuba divers. They are also non-magnetic and do not conduct electricity. Their chemical inertness to extreme pHs, and their ability to retain a cutting edge longer than forged metal knives make them a suitable culinary tool for slicing boneless meat, vegetables and fruit. Since they are brittle they may break if dropped on a hard surface, and cannot be used for chopping through bones or frozen foods, or in other applications which require prying, which may result in chipping or catastrophic failure. Several brands now offer a black coloured blade made through an additional hot isostatic pressing (HIP) step, which improves the toughness.

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