Nature: Your Guide to Healthy Living by Alfred Vogel


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Nature: Your Guide to Healthy Living by Alfred Vogel

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Product Details
Hardcover: 600 pages with 32 full colour photos
Product Dimensions: 20.7 x 13.6 x 4.5 cm

An extensive supplement to The Nature Doctor.

"Nature has been your favourite university" was the title of a eulogy made on the occasion when the Priessnitz medal was presented to Dr. h.c. A.Vogel, a Swiss nature doctor. The Priessnitz medal, the highest distinction given by the German Association of Nature Cure Practitioners, is a reminder of the relationship between nature medicine and the old empirical medicine, that is, treatment based on observation and experience. Such medical treatment reaches back to the ancient world. The Priessnitz method of treating patients was based on the principle of cleansing and strengthening. The most important remedies were exercise, sunlight, air, water and, above all, wholesome nutrition. But healthy food can only come from healthy nature.
"Nature cure method" means in simple terms: Using the means nature provides for the purpose of maintaining good health, restoring good health - in other words, for the purpose of recovery and curing. Since time immemorial, plants have been available for food as well as for remedies. The author of this book is one of the remarkable men who constantly point to the vital importance of plants. In fact, he has grown up with knowledge of them from his early childhood. In May 1982, when he was 80, Dr. h.c. Alfred Vogel, the vigorous and sprightly nature doctor from Switzerland, was honoured by the German Nature Cure Practitioners for his outstanding merits and achievements in the field of nature cure and Phytotherapy. He was awarded the Priessnitz medal.


Part I
Through Our Own Fault - Ecological Causes and Effects
Part II
The Laws of Nature at Work
Part III
Important Aspects for Health
Part IV
Medicinal Plants - Wild Fruits - Edible Wild Plants - Spice Plants
Part V
On Nutrition
Part VI
Natural Food
Part VII
Planting Care in Garden and Field
Our Soil
Part IX
Fertilising and Compost
Part X
Pest Control
Part XI
Epilogue. Subject Index

About the Author
The Swiss naturopath Alfred Vogel (1902-96) became captivated by the infinite variety of plants and their medicinal properties whilst still a child. This fascination remained, becoming an integral part of his life and influencing everything he undertook.

Vogel's life spanned the period which saw traditional and well-established healing methods giving way to pharmaceutical medicine. While not blind to the advantages to modern medicine, he was convinced that the traditional methods and fresh herbs could not be completely replaced. Using age-old herbal knowledge and experience, he developed modern natural remedies for many complaints. It is this philosophy and wisdom that is captured in the pages of The Nature Doctor.

"To live according to the principles of nature is much more than a technique. It requires respect and sympathy for Creation."

Vogel wrote these words long before people were aware of the damage that modern-day living can cause to the environment and to the human body. Today, many of us seek to live our lives respecting nature, our environment and those around us. The Nature Doctor offers one man's life-long insights and commitment to living in harmony with nature.

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