• Hello Nature's Wonderland. I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful service and for keeping me informed as to the progress and status of my order as I waited for the Nutri Bullet 900 to become available. Now that I have my Nutri Bullet 900 I am thrilled with it's performance. I tend to dash out the door in the mornings to feed the horse and clean the paddocks and walk dogs and before I know it I am worn out and losing energy fast. I am now having a wonderful healthy juice every morning of fruits and vegetables and spirulina or nuts etc and I find it easy to digest and very tasty. I usually have a great deal of trouble digesting nuts as I have diverticulitis but now I can still enjoy their healthy nourishing flavour within my juice. It is perhaps much too much information but I have had extensive bowel surgery due to surgeon negligence and nearly lost my life. Since having lost all of my descending colon I have had copious issues with not being able to get the nutrients from my food and having to spend a lot of money with the naturopath trying to regulate my bowel (sorry, I told you it was too much information!). Since having my first few days of juices I was over the moon to find that my bowel is beginning to calm down and regulate itself! After 8 years of hell this is amazing. My G.P. had suggested that I get a Nutri Bullet and she was right. I love this product!
    Yours sincerely Amanda

    Amanda E



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