• I have for some time admired the Oscar and was so excited when it was delivered.

    I did my homework, comparing product features of different juicers within my budget and decided on the Oscar Neo. Next question was, who do I buy it through? This proved to be as good a decision as purchasing the Oscar Neo.

    A hiccup with one of the parts and Nature’s Wonderland had it replaced promptly. The customer service was exceptional.

    My only disappointment is the nut butter claim, it really is only a nut grind, looking more like damp almond meal rather than a true nut butter regardless how many times I pass it through the chute.

    Still, I love my Oscar Neo, fresh juice daily, full of nutrients – easy to use, easy to clean, looks great on my bench top, I highly recommend the Oscar Neo to anyone considering purchasing a cold press juicer.

    Robyn W



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