• Firstly, may I say that it's really refreshing in this day & age to have received such exemplary service.
    I came across your company after first doing a google search for juicers and after reading some reviews I decided on the Omega 8006

    It was a Sunday afternoon & to my surprise I called and actually spoke to a real person.
    Her name escapes me just at the minute, but I'm sure she is a principal at the company.

    She was very helpful & knowledgeable and it reassured me of my decision.

    I happen to live in Coolum Beach & when I called to check that my direct deposit had cleared, she advised me that her builder was from Coolum he ended up delivering it at 7.00 pm that night.

    Wonderful service.

    As for the juicer, I couldn't recommend it highly enough either. The pulp comes out virtually dry, ensuring all the juice has been extracted. It's robust and very easy to clean.

    I rarely take the time to write a review, but for this company I'm making an exception.

    We'll be ordering another juicer for my mum in the near future & I wouldn't shop anywhere else.

    Thanks very much,

    Yours sincerely,

    Alan Curtis

    Alan C



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