• We love this juicer.
    We've had a centrifugal juicer for a few years but it's hard to be inspired by something that's such a chore to clean. We don't have that problem with the omega.
    We've been juicing every day and it's my husband's favourite new toy. It just rinses clean.
    It's a bit more preparation because you have to cut everything a bit smaller for the chute but you can taste a difference in the quality of the juice and the juice keeps really well in the fridge over the next day so you can make it the night before and take it to work.
    It does take longer to juice than the centrifugal but that's to be expected given the different extraction processes. And it's not a tiresome process, quite relaxing really.
    Also we were pleasantly surprised that it's a lot lighter and less bulky than we thought, smaller than the other one and looks a lot nicer sitting on the bench.
    I highly recommend this juicer.

    Serena G



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