• Hi there

    Our Angel juicer arrived in early December and we’re the happiest couple in the world…

    The ease of juicing and cleaning the machine are such huge pluses.

    The machine is quiet, solid and dependable and the juice is 2nd to none. It tastes “alive” and when you sip it and swirl it around your mouth, you can taste the living enzymes in it.

    There’s very little pulp and it’s so dry that you just know every last drop of juice has been extracted.

    Not only do we feel energised after drinking our veggie juice every morning, we’re noticing an improvement in our skin, eyes, hair and fingernails etc. The minerals and vitamins and enzymes in the organic veggies are doing their job.

    We also bought the blank screen so can enjoy amazing fruit ice cream at night as a treat. Once again the machine does an incredible job of turning frozen fruit into creamy ice cream!

    We’ve yet to try making nut butters but that will be next.

    We are over the moon delighted with this product and despite how expensive it is, we feel it's worth every cent and more.

    We can see ourselves juicing veggies when we’re 90!!

    A big cheer to Mikayla as well for the most professional but downright friendly service you could ever ask for. She was honest, informative and even apologetic at times which she certainly didn’t need to be!

    Thanks again “Natures Wonderland” for introducing us to the Angel. We will recommend it and your website to others.

    Kind regards
    Madonna and Keith

    Madonna F



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