• I recently bought ANGEL Juicer from Nature's Wonderland & all three of us (ie myself, my wife & our son) have found that this is a great product. Juice quality is very good. It's a cold pressed juice which means we get juice full of nutrients & it can probably last upto 48 hrs as a fresh juice. It's an expensive juicer but worth buying. We can practically extract juice out of any soft vegetable & fruit. We find that this juicer is really a wonderful product & probably deserve the price it is sold for. We use it every week end & feel so fresh after drinking juice from this machine.
    As reagards service from the Nature's Wonderland, they are a great supplier. We found their service extremely good & after making payment we got our product within 5 days. They are very efficient. The product reached us ina very intact condition, the packgaing was very strong & robust & there was practically no chance for the product getting damaged during transit/shipment.

    Great product !!!!!


    Vivek G



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