• We received all three parcels with our new Angelia 5500 Juicer and additional parts we ordered. Thank you very much.

    We have used the juicer now several times during the last week and are thrilled with it:

    * We found the juice very much comparable with the juice we got from our Norwalk juicer in quality and quantity.

    * The pulp is very dry which is important to us since we use expensive organic vegies for juicing.

    * We like to use a third of green leafy vegetables and herbs in our juices which is very easy with the Angelia 5500. The juicer pulls them in easily and extracts a very powerful juice.

    * Assembly and cleaning is very easy and fast since there are only few parts.

    * We are very happy with the quiet and peaceful operation of the juicer.

    * Before we got the Angelia juicer we were concerned that the operation would be very slow and that the vegies and fruits would have to be cut into small pieces. However, we found that it is very fast and easy to cut ingredients to appropriate sizes with a sharp knife and a cutting board. We certainly need less time now for juicing with this machine than with the Norwalk.

    Anyway, I just thought to let you know we are very happy with your Angelia 5500.

    Kind regards


    Torsten B



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