• Dear Nature's Wonderland,

    In response to your email seeking feedback on a recently purchased product and the service that I received, I have already posted a review of the product which was highly critical of the product. I did note that that review did not appear on your website. It would seem to me somewhat disingenuous of you to post only those reviews favourable to the product, particularly when a significant portion of my decision to purchase the product was based upon the reviews. In retrospect I should have been more cynical given that the reviews dealt mostly with the service provided by you and little regarding the performance of the Sedona dehydrator.

    In that regard, your service was extremely good, although that has been tainted by your failure to post my review or indeed to follow up my criticism with further contact with me.

    I will succinctly reiterate my criticisms of the Sedona. It:

    dries unevenly;
    takes significantly more time to dry than the Vacola 4000 at the same temperature setting; and
    is not suitable for cleaning in a dishwasher.

    In summary, I am happy with your initial service, but disappointed with the performance of the dehydrator.



    Hello Trevor and thank you for getting in touch with us.

    I am sorry to hear you've been put off by the circumstances that you've detailed. I would, however, like to clarify that we never received a review from you regarding your purchase of the Sedona dehydrator. Our system has no record of a review being posted and I have checked with the staff here and no one is able to find an email from you. All I can think is that your review must have somehow been lost in the process of coming to us.
    Having said that, if you have a record of your review, I am happy to post it online (or we can use this email). We do, despite your comment otherwise, post all reviews -- positive and negative -- that we receive from clients, since that is the idea of a review system -- to give honest feedback to future buyers.

    As for the many reviews on our store that deal with service rather than the product itself... Obviously we don't dictate to what our clients write. It just so happens that many choose to review their overall happiness with the entire process of their order, rather than singling out the products they have purchased.

    In regard to your comments on the dehydrator itself -- I would need a few more details to understand your situation better, so that I might make some suggestions. The fact that you're experiencing uneven drying could be due to a few different factors, such as what you're dehydrating, evenness of food or simply that sometimes certain pieces dry a little quicker. The same goes for length of time it takes, since there are so many variables in a dehydrator. As I said, I would need further details to assist.

    Finally, in regard to the fact that it isn't dishwasher safe... This is true, and while other brands are sometimes dishwasher safe, the need to put dehydrator parts in the dishwasher is often overkill, since the part that most often needs the most cleaning is the mesh sheet, which is quite often not dishwasher safe (in the Excalibur, for instance).

    In closing, I am again sorry to hear you're not entirely satisfied with the Sedona, as we do find it to be one of the very best available. If you would like to get back to me with a few more details in regard to the troubles you're experiencing, I can perhaps assist in making it work better for you.


    from the Nature's Wonderland Team

    Trevor P



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