Snackmaker FD500 Ezidri Home Food Dehydrator


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Snackmaker FD500 Ezidri Home Food Dehydrator

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The Ezidri Snackmaker makes delicious dried fruit, roll-ups, sweet and savoury snacks, muesli and health bars, corn and potato chips. You’ll be amazed at how quick and easy these snacks are to produce and the family will just love the results. Because dried food is lightweight and space saving it is perfect for backpacking, camping, boating and school lunches. 'SOFT TOUCH' temperature settings with visual indication make for easy user-friendly control. Expandable to 15 trays and capable of drying up to 10 trays of puree, for roll-ups, at one time.

Dry and Preserve Fruit, Vegetables, Meals, Meats, Soups, delicious Snacks and Fruit Roll-ups, Herbs & Flowers the natural way - quickly and economically - while retaining all the nutrients, natural colour and original flavours.

With three choices of temperature and a drying capacity of 15 trays, the Snackmaker is the perfect all rounder and a great way to get into dehydrating at an affordable price. The unique Ezidri airflow pattern means no tray rotation and fast, even drying. Like the Ultra FD1000, with the Snackmaker you can dry herbs, flowers, fish, meats - as well as fruit & vegetables.
This is the important difference between the 500W dehydrators, Snackmaker & Classic. Because of its fixed temperature, the drying ability of the Classic is limited to fruit & vegetables only.

Strawberries, sliced or mashed, to make fruit roll-ups, are easily dried and retain their natural sweetness and distinctive flavour and colour.
Have a variety of fruits and vegetables conveniently at hand all year round.

  • Dimensions: 340mm D x 268mm H (at 5 trays)
  • Comes with 5 trays, 1 solid sheet, 1 mesh sheet & 1 detailed instruction/recipe book.
  • Soft touch temperature control, with three settings (Low 35ºC, Med 50ºC, High 60ºC).
  • A drying capacity of up to 15 trays of produce or 10 trays of pureed fruit (for rollups), thanks to the powerful 500W element.
  • High level safety features that enable the unit to be left on overnight.
  • An average drying time of 8-12 hours.
  • The unique Ezidri airflow pattern which means no tray rotation and fast, even drying.
  • The ability to dry herbs, flowers, fish & meats as well as fruit & vegetables!

International buyers please note - the dehydrator is only manufactured with 220V- 240V power!! (not suitable for the USA) The plug is 3-pin, which involves a simple procedure to be swapped for each specific country's plug. This must be done by buyer, on arrival of item. There is a standard delivery charge for airmail, although many are more than this cost - please enquire with your international destination for validation.
Express Courier International (Top Class Service) is an extra charge.

(International freight will only charge out Airmail, or ECI as an extra - so please contact us if you want to use Seamail we will adjust your invoice for you.)



Not only does it taste delicious, dehydrated food is good for you too! It retains over 96% of the original nutrients! When you compare this to canned & frozen food, which lose 40-60% of their nutrients - dehydrating is the clear health winner!

The possibilities for dehydrating are limited only by your imagination. You can dry almost anything, including your favourite fruit, vegetables, herbs, meat, fish – even flowers! Dehydrating intensifies the aroma and taste of food, transforming it into the perfect ingredient for enhancing the flavour of your favourite snacks and dishes.

And it’s so easy! To dehydrate anything, all you need to do is simply slice your produce, set it on the trays and forget about it for the next 8-12 hours! You can even leave it on overnight, so you can wake up to a dehydrator full of dried goodness ready to be enjoyed!

Dry and preserve food the natural way, quickly and economically, while retaining all the nutrients, natural colour and original flavours. Designed in New Zealand, the Hydraflow EZIDRI food driers supersede all other concepts of home food drying. No other driers have the 21st century technology to make top quality, nutritious and delicious dried foods, which are so easily produced without using preservatives or additives.

The driers are very economical to run and are extremely safe. They are equipped with three thermal fuses to ensure shut down within three seconds for any type of electrical fault. They are very safe to leave running whilst you sleep or during the day while you are out.

All machines come with a detailed instruction / recipe book.

Accessories for the Snackmaker are also available from our store, so you can get the most out of your dehydrator. There are extra trays so you can expand your dehydrator, solid sheets for fruit rollups, mesh sheets for small or sticky produce and spacer rings for bigger items like fruit halves or bunches of herbs & flowers.

The EZIDRI airflow pattern with micro processor and integrated PLD circuitries, ensures accurate airflow temperature and exceptional expandability. These features ensure FAST EVEN DRYING with no tray rotation or loss of nutritional value through a slow drying process.

Manufactured to exacting certification standards, EZIDRI provides the most cost effective Home Food Dryers on the market with years of reliable, service backed operation.
EZIDRI Produces the best dried food in the shortest time. Makes excellent dried beef jerky and biltong.

Whether preserving in bulk, when fruit and produce are plentiful, or simply to produce Healthy and Nutritional Snacks the market-leading Ezidri range offers the ultimate in home food drying appliances and accessories. It features three fantastic models - so there's one to suit everyone's needs & budget!



Ezidri Snackmaker 


230-240V AC





Temperature Control

Soft Touch Control -
Low, Medium, High
35°C, 50°C, 60°C  


Food Grade: ABS Plastic Polycarbonate

Safety Features

Element: Thermal Cut-out


Thermal Cut-out

Certification AS/NZS3350.2.9-1996;  IEC 355-2-9:1993
Warranty 2 years

Don’t forget that each of the Ezidri dehydrators have their own accessories, to expand their drying capability as well as the variety of what can be dried. This helps you get the most out of your dehydrating (Snackmaker & Classic Everyday accessories are the same).

Extra trays are available from our store to expand the drying capacity of your dehydrator. Spacer rings can also be purchased which provide extra height to dry larger items. This is particularly useful for drying bunches of herbs, flowers or larger fruit halves.

For those wanting to make fruit rollups, or dry purees, meals or any liquid products, you can pour these onto solid sheets which are placed on trays.

When drying small produce such as peas, diced carrots or herbs, or where produce tends to stick to the trays as tomatoes or bananas do, mesh sheets are the solution. Like solid sheets, they are also placed on the trays and peel off, making the trays easy to keep clean.

EZIDRI Dehydrators are designed and developed in New Zealand, by Hydraflow - New Zealand, with over 20 years of manufacturing experience, incorporating advanced technology with a unique heated airflow pattern that ensures Fast, Accurate, Even Drying with minimal Electricity requirements.

Manufactured to the highest quality standards with Food Grade ABS Plastic and Polycarbonate, High Speed Motors, Double Thermal Cut-out safety features, IEC335, CB and CE Certification.

The Manufacturer -
Hydraflow Industries Ltd, New Zealand, was established in 1981 with the vision of creating and manufacturing products that are innovative and practical, offering healthy alternatives to modern day commercialism, providing natural and healthy variations for preserving fruit, vegetables, meat and meals.

Commencing with the manufacture of the “Harvest Maid” Home Food Dehydrator, this has since been superseded as a result of ongoing development of design and function, by the "Ezidri" range of home and semi commercial driers. During this time the Company has become recognised leaders in the manufacture of high quality products with international distribution to Europe, Eastern Europe, Middle East, Asia and Australasia and the Pacific Basin.

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