• Hi,

    The dehydrator took a bit longer than anticipated to get here. It was over a week. But that is Australia Post. On the tracking website it seemed to sit somewhere for number of days and then in Melbourne for more days with no movement.

    When we unpacked it we were pleased with the quality look of the machine an all its parts. It felt solid, heavy and well made and looks that way to.

    It is good to have the clear door so we can see the fruit at a glance while it is drying.

    We have just started to use the dehydrator. We had to get a table and clear an area to set it up. So far we have dried some of our figs, non- astringent persimmons and quince paste with it. All look really nice. The persimmons are delicious. The quince paste will be cut into smaller pieces and then put in vacuum sealed bags.

    It takes less time to do its job than we have experienced with our previous dehydrators. This indicates that it is more efficient. I would say noticeably so.

    So far we are very pleased we purchased it.



    Roger S



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