• the only constructive criticism i have is that there should be a clearly visible option as to whether you want the dehydrator with or without timer. i was sent the one with the timer and it was a massive inconvenience for me to send it back and order one without the timer. other than that the service and website ordering system were great.

    it would be awesome if you provided a service where people could swap dehydrators with other customers eg those with dehydrators with timers could swap one with someone who doesnt have a timer. i'm stuck with one dehydrator with a time (and 2 without) and i'm desperate to find someone who wants to swap it with one that doesnt have a timer. if you know of someone please let me know. thanks



    Soulla, we do have a service on which we are currently working (almost finished), whereby you can offer your products for sale within our website. It is called :
    It should be ready to use before the end of 2011.

    Soulla C



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