• I am very pleased with my Excalibur and the silica dehydrating sheets. They both work really well.

    My only regret is not having accurate information available on the use of the product. On page 12 of the dehydration guide, for Zucchini, it gives instructions for corn. For Tomatoes, the instructions are not for that fruit but something that you need to cook until tender. There are several other items on that page which don't have the correct instructions either.

    Also, I have called the distributor on several occasions for the last two weeks and they don't have anyone answering the phone. I emailed my warranty registration to them asking if they would confirm receipt and I have heard nothing. This isn't your problem specifically, but it relates to the product you sold me and its warranty as well as the service offered by the importer. It's not the best up until now. Their voice message isn't even up to date.

    Kind regards


    Hello Julie

    Thanks so much for spending the time to write a review.

    I'm very sorry about the manual issue -- the only thing I can think of is that there must have been some sort of printing confusion at the factory, as we've never heard of this before.

    In regard to the distributor... Unfortunately, this is completely out of our control, but it is disappointing to hear of this. Hopefully, in spite of these couple of hiccups, you'll be able to enjoy your dehydrator :)

    Please get back to me if you have any further queries or concerns.


    from the Nature's Wonderland Team

    Julie M



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