• Hi,
    I think the shopping experience with Natures Wonderland was great. Very personal service and advice. Thank you.
    On the product, the Vitamix. I'm starting to experiment more and making some nice things. I just have a concern sometimes that the motor just makes some very strange noises while trying to blend things (according to recipe) as if it doesn't work properly. Then sometimes I hear smell like it is burning out after I have turned it off. The things I have in there are to the recipe also. I am not sure what is going on and what to do about this? Other than this concern I really quite like it. Can you advise me please.
    Thank you


    Hello Georgie

    Thanks very much for your review -- it's always nice to hear from clients :)

    In regard to the problem you're experiencing, we find quite often that what you've described is caused by not using a high enough speed when blending. It seems common that people think the blender is on a fast enough speed, but it does actually need to use high speed to blend efficiently.

    If it's not the speed causing the trouble, then I can only suggest a couple of other things:

    Are you making sure to put soft foods and liquids in the jug first, with hard foods on top? If not, try this.
    If you're making things like almond butter, you do need to add extra oil. Most nuts work differently to peanuts when making butters.
    If you're making heavy things like protein balls, then you need to ensure you pulse the food down to a smaller size before then blending.

    Let me know how it goes :)


    from the Nature's Wonderland Team

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    W: http://www.natureswonderland.com.au

    Georgie B



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