• Good heumidifier! Good service!

    Australia is too dry for Asian people. So I bouht it.

    It has a large tank, so I don't wake during night.
    And it is very quiet at even high power mode.

    Off course the ability to make the air heumid is very high.
    But the wall and the ceiling don't get wet at even high power mode.

    It need to change the filter every 3months. It is important information.
    The price of the filter at natures wonderland is cheaper than that at any other shop.

    Because of its quality, it fits the price.

    And Natures wonderland's customer service is very nice. When I thought my percel was not delivered and contacted with the person at customer scervice, she investigated on my percel and contacted with Australian post. At last the percel had already been delivered to my apartment reception. She was very kind to me.

    Yoshiaki M



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