Ezivac - Quality Italian made Vacuum Packing System



Vacuum Packing made easy!


The Ezivac will revolutionise the way in which you buy & store food! By using this high-quality vacuum packing system you can greatly extend the life of your food whether it is kept in the pantry, fridge or freezer.

Oxygen in the air causes food to deteriorate, causing the loss of nutritional value, flavour & quality. In addition to this, air promotes the growth of micro-organisms & is responsible for freezer burn.

The Ezivac vacuum packing system extends the shelf life of food by removing over 70% of the air which in turn reduces oxidisation & prevents microbes like bacteria & mould from ruining your food.

It’s perfect for fresh foods & is also fantastic for increasing the life of the dehydrated delicacies you’ve created with your Ezidri dehydrator!

The best part is it’s so easy! Thanks to the fully-automatic operation of the Ezivac, vacuum packing only takes a couple of minutes!

Vacuum packing is perfect for...

  • Families - Save time & money!
  • Fishermen - Freeze your catch for up to 12 months!
  • Home Gardeners - With Ezivac there's no need to let your home-grown favourites go to waste!
  • Off-road & Outdoor Adventurers - Even when space is at a premium, there's no need to sacrifice flavour or freshness!
  • Rural residents - Not close to a supermarket? Not a problem! With Ezivac you can extend the shelf life of your foods to have fresh ingredients for longer!

The Ezivac removes over 70% of the air that in turn reduces oxidisation. This eliminates spoilage from freezer burn & prevents microbes like bacteria & mould from ruining the food.

It's not only perfect for fresh foods, but is also fantastic for increasing the life of the dehydrated delicacies you have created with your Ezidri dehydrator!

The best part about the Ezivac is it's so easy to use!

What sets the Ezivac apart from the rest is its fully automatic operation - you simply lock the lid down & then it will vacuum & seal in a matter of seconds.

There's no need to hold any buttons down, which leaves you free to prepare the next thing you want to vacuum pack!

The system also features a manual override function that allows you to pack delicate items without damaging them.

Vacuum pack fruit, veg, meat, meals, wine & more!

The Ezivac system features a range of accessories which includes bags & rolls of varying sizes. These allow the packing of food in any size you wish, taking up less space in your pantry, fridge or freezer. Canisters are perfect for marinating your meat in minutes or vacuum packing meals, liquids or crushable foods.

Another great accessory is the bottle sealer which allows you to enjoy your unfinished bottles of wine for a longer period of time. Bottles can be opened & resealed as many times as you like!

The Ezivac makes a great addition to every kitchen
- you'll quickly wonder what you ever did without it!


The Ezivac Vacuum Packing System comes complete with:

  • Fully automatic operation
  • Manual override function
  • 20 reusable bags (20cm x 30cm)
  • 1 bottle stopper
  • 1 connecting tube for canisters
  • Detailed operation manual
  • 2 year warranty


Voltage 220-240V AC
Frequency 50Hz
Watts 170w
Dimensions 380mm (Length) x 140mm (Depth) x 90mm (Height)
Weight 2.3kg
Warranty 2 Years

Why Vacuum Pack?

  • Retain the freshness & flavour for up to 5 times longer! And in doing so, reduce the amount of food & money you waste!
  • Package your food in handy portions & save preparation time! You'll also save yourself space in the refrigerator!
  • Buy in bulk & save time & money! Take advantage of bulk specials without the worry of spoilage, and in turn spend less time at the supermarket!
  • Extend the life of your frozen meat, fish & vegetables without the risk of freezer burn.
  • Increase the shelf life of your pantry items! Coffee, rice, flour & nuts last much longer if they are vacuum packed.
  • Marinate in minutes! Food marinated & vacuum packed will be as tasty after 20 minutes as if left overnight!
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